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Communals are invariably Castists. We can not make mistake of delinking Communal-ism from Cast-ism. 

.  Points of great relevance and that can not be treated independently. Communal-ism can not be Delinked from Cast-ism. Communals invariably Castists. 1. Cast hate, discrimination and perpetual abuse of … Continue reading

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JNU Leader Kahnaya Kumar arrested for defending Constittion & Exposing RSS.

High headed Delhi police n Modi govt Unfit to deal with issues of our Universities. They lack wisdom they are short sighted and function with vengeance they wish to settle score … Continue reading

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Grand Alliance in Bihar set to Win – Last phase of Elections today in Bihar.

EVMs on their way to booths in Purnea. (Express Photo by: Prashant Ravi) The grand alliance heads optimistically into the closing round of a bitter Bihar election, banking on the … Continue reading

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“Savarkar admirer of Hitler and Mussolini – RSS a fascist German leaf in India” RSS thinking to replace half paint with full paint. Why not Dhoti. Why German Paint ?

RSS member, Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, praised Nazism and believed the ideology should be applied to India. German race pride has now become the topic of the day,” he wrote. “To … Continue reading

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PM Modi stop politicizing & twisting reservation issue. First ask – Mohan Bhagwat to apologize and with draw his statement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned the reservation row on its head today, launching a blistering attack on the Nitish Kumar-Lalu Yadav alliance at an election rally in Bihar, where assembly … Continue reading

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Hardik Patel spills “Communal & Upper Caste agenda of Sangh Pariwar” Adil Mohammed rebuttal to Irresponsible Hardik.

Hardik Patel can not be on his own, a person as claimed  by him, fighting for inclusion in OBC space for Patidar Community is just a planted face for masters … Continue reading

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Hey Ram ! Madhav – by subhash gatade Ram ! MadhavJUNE 22, 2015by subhash gatade (Picture : Courtesy ‘Youth ki Awaaz) Ram Madhav, the first official spokesperson of RSS (later removed or discharged from this role) and these days … Continue reading

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RSS Desh Ka Bhagwa Karan 100 Saal Mein Nahin Kar Sakta – RSS Ki Mushkil Yeh Hai – Woh Galat Mulk Mein Paida Hogaye. Yogender Yadav ( Urdu National Print News – 5 cliips )

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BJP’s baggage of false poll promises exposed. Angry India wants “True India” to bounce back.

A case was filed on Saturday against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in a court in the Bihar capital for giving a … Continue reading

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Watch Adil Mohammed on Munsif TV today on “Swaraj Samwad – AAP Volunteers Meet” Called by YY and PB.

SWARAJ SAMWAD IS TO STRETTON PARTY AND ECHO THE FEELS of lacs of Volunteers AND REMIND top leaders and set aside differences and follow the FOUNDING PRINCIPLES OF AAP. An … Continue reading

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