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Swaraj India – 21st Centurty Poltics Belongs to Swaraj India – India read for truthful politics. Oct 2nd Founding Convention – Parsi Anjuman Delhi – Video Documents.

Swaraj Abhiyan uploaded a video 15 hours ago 6:55 Soon Swaraj India will make positive mark, & lead nation with last man in mind. – Prashant Bhushan . Swaraj Abhiyan … Continue reading

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Mera Bharat Dukhi Kyun ? Adil Mohammed. “Dalit Groom Attacked for Riding Horse”

Dear fellow citizens this may come as a surprise to some and a caution to many. What makes me think as a responsible citizen who loves this nation to take … Continue reading

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JNU Leader Kahnaya Kumar arrested for defending Constittion & Exposing RSS.

High headed Delhi police n Modi govt Unfit to deal with issues of our Universities. They lack wisdom they are short sighted and function with vengeance they wish to settle score … Continue reading

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Sarbat Khalsa’s Outcome – Points to Worrying Signs for Punjab and its Politcs – Vipin Pubby

First Published: November 11, 2015, 4:58 pm Updated: Yesterday, 8:47 am While the Sarbat Khalsa called on Diwali eve by a conglomerate of Sikh organisations, including the radicals, aimed at … Continue reading

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AAP Sacking Lokpal Admiral Ramdas Unconstitutional. Pankaj Gupta emails leaked to media.

NEW DELHI:  Days after the AAP appointed a new ombudsman or Lokpal panel replacing him, former Navy chief retired Admiral Ramdas has questioned the party’s decision, claiming that his term … Continue reading

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“Madani finding fault with Muslims of India to gain proximity to Modi” Adil Mohammed.

BIJNOR (UP): Mahmood Madani in Oct 2013 praised indirectly the thenn CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi, Mahamood Madani Jaiatul Ulema Hind Secretary. a Mahmood Madani  said more riots have occurred in … Continue reading

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“Relevance of Chankya in our Times” Qoutes of Chanakya – Impressions by Adil Mohd.

How do you rate them, any quote you find not in place in present times. How Indian and how universal they are. ? Chanakya on Self Improvement.. Before you start … Continue reading

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Yogender Yadav to be given new responsibilities, so will Prashant Bhushan. Meeting is still on.

Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav as was suggested by him left PAC which is party’s highest decision-making body, the Political Affairs Committee (PAC), sources  and much of media … Continue reading

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Modi brings Indian political discourse to all time low. BJP is worried “As APP is set to win Delhi Back”

 Narender Modi brings Indian political discourse to all time low.  I am un able to understand what has really changed for PM in seven months since he was a contestant … Continue reading

January 10, 2015 · 1 Comment

“AAP ka Saath Sirf AAP Key Saath”. 50000 AAP Supporters Attended Varanasi Meet.   Over 50000 strong supporters of AAP blessed AAP Leader Kejriwal Victory over BJP’s PM Candidate Modi.  Some sold out  Media Electronic Meida and Print played Second fiddle to … Continue reading

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