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Communals are invariably Castists. We can not make mistake of delinking Communal-ism from Cast-ism. 

.  Points of great relevance and that can not be treated independently. Communal-ism can not be Delinked from Cast-ism. Communals invariably Castists. 1. Cast hate, discrimination and perpetual abuse of … Continue reading

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Why PM fails to answer tough questions ? Blaming opposition can’t cover failures.

   PM said country faces a choice between vikaswad (development) and virodhwad (obstructionism) and the people are well placed to make the right choice, PM Narendra Modisaid at a function … Continue reading

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“Indo Pak Bilateral Talks” Interview of Adil Mohammed

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Protests “Modi Go Back” impacting PM’s UK Visit. Indian Media blacks them off – International airs them.… DESPITE INDIAN MEDIA BLACKOUT, “MODI GO BACK” PROTESTS IN LONDON HAVE MAJOR IMPACT THE CITIZEN BUREAU Thursday, November 12, 2015 Protest outside 10 Downing Street LONDON: Hundreds of protestors … Continue reading

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India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban – Anish Kapoor article today in The Guardian London.

The Hindu god Vishnu has several incarnations, many of them human. The latest of these appears to be Narendra Modi. All over India there are images of the man, right … Continue reading

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Adil Mohammed Interview on Growing Intolerance and Dadri Killing. Nuqta e Nazar Munsif TV – Writers Returning Awards – Growing Need for Peace and Harmony. Swaraj Abhiyan Aman Committees.

. . Published on Oct 7, 2015  Pashant Bhushan on Aman Committees.  Some people ask why Modi ji has kept silence on all these incidents happening so often. Look Modi … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court’s Remarks Against Sanjiv Bhatt Violate Its Own Earlier Verdicts – Markandey Katju

An upright police officer, who bravely took on the crooked Establishment and exposed its misdeeds, has been castigated by the Supreme Court in sweeping language which seems calculated to please … Continue reading

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PM Modi gets rear distinction “South African Govt files defamation case on India’s PM” Will RSS defend n BJP applaud this rare distinction. Time to regret voting BJP to power.

There is saying silence is better than thousand words when you do not know what to speak.  The Prime Minister of India is in such a soup he love to … Continue reading

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Indians not interested in Modi’s Man Ki Baat Radio Stunt. A RTI query reveals.

The Hindu’s RTI query shows that Mann Ki Baat was a big draw on Dec. 14, 2014, when 5,972 letters were received. Since then, the numbers have been falling. reading

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PM Modi’s Independence Day Address was disappointment – Swaraj Abhiyan ( Urdu media Coverage 16th Aug 2015)

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