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Communals are invariably Castists. We can not make mistake of delinking Communal-ism from Cast-ism. 

.  Points of great relevance and that can not be treated independently. Communal-ism can not be Delinked from Cast-ism. Communals invariably Castists. 1. Cast hate, discrimination and perpetual abuse of … Continue reading

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Mera Bharat Dukhi Kyun ? Adil Mohammed. “Dalit Groom Attacked for Riding Horse”

Dear fellow citizens this may come as a surprise to some and a caution to many. What makes me think as a responsible citizen who loves this nation to take … Continue reading

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“Swaraj Abhiyan’s Drought Petition – Historic Supreme Court Verdict & Way Forward” was addressed by Prashant Bhushan on Saturday 14th May 2016 at 8-9PM.

  Please watch  the Google hangout with Mr. Prashant Bhushan to know more about the Case and to know why we should be proud to be associated with Swaraj Abhiyan … Continue reading

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“Indo Pak Bilateral Talks” Interview of Adil Mohammed

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Protests “Modi Go Back” impacting PM’s UK Visit. Indian Media blacks them off – International airs them.… DESPITE INDIAN MEDIA BLACKOUT, “MODI GO BACK” PROTESTS IN LONDON HAVE MAJOR IMPACT THE CITIZEN BUREAU Thursday, November 12, 2015 Protest outside 10 Downing Street LONDON: Hundreds of protestors … Continue reading

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Powerful Earth quake jolts – Afganistan, Nepal, Pak & North India. In Kabul, Isamabad and Delhi building shook.

Kabul: A powerful 7.5 magnitude quake struck Afghanistan””s Hindu Kush region today and was felt throughout much of South Asia. The US Geological Survey put epicentre near Jarm in the country””s northeast, … Continue reading

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Worshipping Cow: Killing Humanity Ram Puniyan

Just over a decade ago (2002) in Dulina village of Jhajjar in Haryana a mob of over a thousand people lynched five dalits who were skinning a dead cow to … Continue reading

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“Ours heads go down in grief on Dadri killing. Options victims have and how a nation failed” Adil Mohammed

I feel so help less and week, my nation has failed to save an innocent elderly person in front of aging wife son and daughters and the killers in hundreds … Continue reading

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Prime Minister in silent approval of incidence like in Dadri – Nation should stand against the forces of hate. “Swaraj Abhiyan Press Release”

  Swaraj Abhiyan condemns the Dadri killing, demands the PM to open his mouth In a horrific incident in Dadri, 50 kms from the national capital, a 50 year old … Continue reading

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In India life is at stake – Human flesh is valued less against animal flesh. Govt pretends to be deaf, dump and blind.

  Forget about your right to eat what you want. The fight is now over your right to not be killed for what you eat If Narendra Modi last year … Continue reading

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