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Unifrom Civil Code Political Agenda of BJP. Citizens Act by BJP Violation of Constitutional Values. Swaraj Abhiyan promotes CCC for Secular India.

Swaraj Abhiyan Press Release: 15 Nov, 2016 ‘Common’, not Uniform Civil Code for Secular India says Swaraj Abhiyan Swaraj Abhiyan welcomes the clarification by Chairman of the Law Commission that … Continue reading

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Secular India Needs Common Civil Code Not Unifrom Civil Code – Yogendra Yadav. BJP doing politics of polarization rule before UP elections, a section falling prey to Amit Shah policy.

Amit Shah digged a ditch and a very large section reaction is not in best interest of any one.

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Adil Mohammed – Interviews on current burning topics – On Munsif TV. Document that promises clarity and way forward.

25:17 Mewat victim of larger political conspiracy. Mercury of fear & insecurity rising. AdiMohd 1 week ago 28:10 Uri Attack – Is War Solution to Terror ? India’s Drifting Foreign … Continue reading

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Adil Mohammed “I am surprised how PM can be so insensitive to pains of suffering People”

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Communals are invariably Castists. We can not make mistake of delinking Communal-ism from Cast-ism. 

.  Points of great relevance and that can not be treated independently. Communal-ism can not be Delinked from Cast-ism. Communals invariably Castists. 1. Cast hate, discrimination and perpetual abuse of … Continue reading

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Good Should Isolate Evil in Indian Politcs to Save People of Nation – Adil Mohammed Swaraj Abhiyan – Interview

Greetings from Aman Committee  Invite for Varanasi event – Friends this is to inform – Aman Committee is poised to build a large movement to fight communal-ism and cast-ism in … Continue reading

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We invite you for Umbrella for Peace Convention in Varanasi on 16th 17th July org. Aman Committee Swaraj Abhiyan – Prashant Bhushan & Yogender Yadav. Videos

Swaraj Abhiyan uploaded a video 16 hours ago 2:46 Politics of Polarization Spreading Communal ism – Aman Committee Committed to fight them – Bhushan by Swaraj Abhiyan Swaraj Abhiyan uploaded … Continue reading

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Mera Bharat Dukhi Kyun ? Adil Mohammed. “Dalit Groom Attacked for Riding Horse”

Dear fellow citizens this may come as a surprise to some and a caution to many. What makes me think as a responsible citizen who loves this nation to take … Continue reading

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Swaraj Abhiyan Completes Successful First Year – Prof Anand Kumar .

From: Media Swaraj Abhiyan <> Date: 14 April 2016 3:28:23 pm IST To: Subject: [NSC SA] Press Note: Swaraj Abhiyan completes one year Swaraj Abhiyan Press Note : April 14  … Continue reading

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7,70,000 crores PCB Bank Stressed Money – 3.5 lac Crores Duped by Defaulters.

PSB Scam – Modi Govt’s Minister part of loot – 7.7 lacs cr under threat, 3.5 lac cr duped.
by Swaraj Abhiyan

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