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1497718_10201317231074828_418322568_nReach Convention Resolves on Set of Demands. And approves need for “Vigilant Pressure Group”
Posted on December 10, 2013 by Adil Mohd


unnamed (12)Electoral-Declaration-English1 as was presented by 28 Organizations representing 18 states was adopted and declared in New Delhi on 19 Nov, is adopted after discussion among the honored speakers and members of community in Hyderabad of Reach NGO’s National Convention on UPA 1 UPA 2 Promises Performance and Last Window of Opportunity. The convention was addressed by Dr. Zafar Mahmood, Mohammed Adeeb MP, Ram Puniyani, P A Inam Dar, Aziz Pasha Fr MP, Uzma Naheed, and Dr. Mumtaz Alam, Convened by Adil Mohammed Chairmen Reach NGO.

Reach Convention adopted the above demand structure, following agenda was put forward for presenting to the Govt of UPA. They form the demand list of the Minorities from the event of Reach Complimenting the efforts put forward by Dr. Zafar Mahmood Chairmen of Zakat Foundation of India who is the man behind the Sachar Committee and who was Officer on Special Duty for the Sachar Committee, that satisfies and in complacence with the mood and content of the speakers and impression of the gathering to a large extent …..these with few additions willl be presented to the ruling party and the opposition in this month of Dec.

And a delegation is being made in consultation with Dr Janab Syed Zafar Mahmood, Mr. Mohammed Adeeb, Mr. Aziz Pasha, Mr. P A Inam Dar, Mr. Mumtaz Razvi, Mr. Ram Puniyani, Mr Jai Prakash Narayan, Uzama Naheed, Adil Mohammed, and many intellectuals, and it will be mailed to most who attended the convention in Hyderabad for information and any further inputs.

Reach will declare its program-me thru media for all to know. Adil Mohammed after detailed discussion with the delegates who attended Reach Convention expressed that Reach convention resolves on set of conditional time bond fulfillment of demands by the present PM and the Govt at the Center UPA..

The convention also found form the merit of the content of the talks and deliberations of the speakers that a high powered vigilant pressure group is the need of the hour to work year long year after year to keep the pressure and address issues with govt, in media and in ministries and if needed in courts of law.

Several names are under consideration and many are being contacted from the to be members of such group, soon the idea will be a reality. And it will be made public.




Adil Mohammed Convener of Ist September Public meeting to be held Inshallah at Exhibition Grounds Hyderabad between 10 am and 2 pm and to be attended by large section of society and to be addressed by people who have been in serving the society and the communities in various capacities.

Former Indian Ambassador to Palestine Professor Zikrur Rahman who also served in various capacities in Indian High commissioner in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. An expert in the Arab and African nations political, cultural and social structure. He will be Chief Guest and he will also be giving the key note address at the Seminar.



Reach NGO credits participants, people & media for success of its Sunday pubic meeting.
Posted on September 3, 2013 by Adil Mohd

1012504_10200706358603398_165799725_n (1)Reach NGO thanks Dignitaries, Organizations, Media and People of Hyderabad for showing solidarity with the innocent people of Egypt and Syria.

Reach NGO’s seminar which was held on 1st of September at Exhibition Grounds on Democracy and Human Rights in the perspective of turmoil in Egypt and Syria. In the image is seen former Ambassador of India to Palestine Professor Zikrur Rahman addressing his key note address to the august gathering on a Sunday morning the event was well attended by a large section of Hyderabadis.

The event had Islamic Scholars, Political Leaders, Human Rights Activists, and Social Activists and academicians from across nations. Jana Abdurraheem Quraishi President Tameer e Millat and Secretary AIMPB, Professor Akherul Wase Dean Islamic Studies at Jamia Miliia Islamia, Swamy Agnivesh former member of Indian Against Corruption with Anna Hazare and Kejriwal, Janab Zafar Aquil Incharge of External Affairs and Milli Issues from Jamaat e Islami, Janab Muneer Mujahid Social Activist, and many more spoke to a highly intellectual and concern august gathering for over 4 fours starting.

Janab Pasha Qadri MLA Charminar and GS All Indian Majisl Itehad ul Muslimeen represented Member of Parliament and President of AIMIM Janab Asad uddin Owaisi who had agreed to address the gathering called by Reach NGO for showing solidarity and introspect and understand the issues and conflict in Egypt and Syria.

Due to an urgent call from Delhi as the parliament was in session he had called and regretted that he could not attend the meet but he wanted his GS Janab Pasha Qadri MLA Charminar to represent him in our Public Meeting at Exhibition grounds. And Mr. Pasha Qadri addressed the gathering expressing his concerns over the killings, and failure of democracy and human rights in the twin nations Egypt and Syria.

All the videos will be available on my and in couple of days.

We at Reach NGO thank all the dignitaries and the speakers and the gathering for making this effort a great values and worth in giving insight and bringing in views and analysis over the issue. And raising voice for protection of human rights and upholding democracy at all costs.

I thank the media specially, Munsif Urdu Daily, Siesta Urdu Daily, Etemad Urdu daily, Sahara Urdu Daily, and Rehnuma for their support. Also the TV channels. ETV Urdu, Ruby channel, TV 9, and 4 TV for their support and covering the event in apt manner. And helping us in making the effort worth and serving the cause of human rights and democracy in the world and raising our voice for peace harmony and justice for all.

At Reach our effort in direction of peace, justice and harmony in the world will continue. Reach is aligned with Adilmohd Blog and Channel. So is Me Initiative.

Adilmohd who is convener of PCPT AP, and Chairmen Me Initiative – PEOPLE OF BIGGER SKIES Organisation which is striving to create awareness and consul minorities students for inducting them in to UPSC exams and giving vision to get placed in to positions of power in services.

We at Reach have multi focus agendas and human rights justice, peace and harmony, unity and education and awareness are prime focus areas… We need support and encouragement from each who cares for these values and virtues.

Watch and for videos and latest updates on Adilmohd’s Blog initiative and efforts to bring the positive change in the space we share.

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  1. Hussainazad
    June 14, 2014

    AN excellent initiative by Brother Adil who is person believes in fact truth and has been dedicating himself for all, irrespective religion caste color etc. Let all friends learn lessons from his life & mission. I pray that May Allah bless him and give him strength to continue his vision & Mission.Jazakallah.

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