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Me Initiative – Civil Services Projects – India

971679_10200368740323152_126242687_nMe Initiative – Minorities Empowerment Initiative had conducted its first seminar on UPSC – Civil Services Projects at FAPCI. Today from 1 30 Pm to 5 30 Pm the seminar was very well attended by the aspirants boys and girls, many parents who desire to see their children were very enthusiastic about the vision and objective sketched by the members of Me Initiative.

Me Initiative effort in its first seminar on UPSC was addressed by Educationist and Competitive Exams Trainers Mr. M A Hameed, and Mr. Taher Faraz. A power point presentation was made on UPSC statges of exams, procedures, format, subjects, dos and dont by Faraz Moinuddin corporate UPSC trainer with over five years of experience in the filed of counselling and setting direction for the aspirants and candidates for UPSC with a remarkable track record. And public speaking, personality development and communication skills corporate speaker Mr. Syed Hasanuddin Anas gave a motivation and better speaking lecture.

Me Initiative is an organization headed by Adil Mohammed a well know public figure, media personality who had a very popular TV show on Etv Urdu Hum Badleinge Desh Badlega. This initiative is result of years of concern, contemplation, and great synergy from people in filed of education, gathering vision, and courage from people none like Zafar Mahmood of former Civil Services officer and who was OSD on Sachar Committee and now running a ZFI and dedicated to services to community and focused on rendering guidance and training for Cvil Services. Similarly Mrs. Parveen Talha,former IRS and Member UPSC is also inspiration. They along with many national personalities and scholars Me Initatiive will keep them on its honorary advisory board for guiding the initiatives to achieve its objective and goals.

— with Kanti RanjanaAamir Suhail SuhailBharat Muslims Samachar and ETV News Bihar/jharkhand.


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