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Swaraj Abhiyan – 23 Oct 2016 Ko Karegi – BJP Sarkar – Ki – Neeyat Ki Napaayi.

unnamedJoin us to prove how bad Modi Govt has failed to honor SC Order for Relief to Farmers.
Swaraj Abhiyan
Press Note : 21 Oct, 2016
  • Swaraj Abhiyan to do Govt’s #NiyatKiNapai on Sunday, Oct 23.
  • Farmers to measure the distance from Supreme Court to Krishi Bhavan and check why the historic SC order has not yet been implemented.
  • Farmers will calculate the speed of this snail-paced government and check why the claims of “good governance” are falling flat when it comes to ensuring relief for farmers and rural people.
More than 5 months after the Supreme Court passed it’s historic verdict in the Swaraj Abhiyan drought relief case holding that right to receive relief is a constitutional guarantee, farmers have planned an innovative way to measure the intent & efficiency of Central Government in implementing the order.
The Central Government and the State Governments have virtually done nothing to give relief to the drought affected people even after the passing of such a historic judgement. The governments at the most have only been interested in completing the formal compliance on paper as the distress of rural population continues. There is widespread shortage of food. There are reports of mal-nutrition deaths from several states. There is acute shortage of livelihood opportunities under MNREGA and neither crop loss compensation nor any other monetary relief has been extended. Recovery of farm loans continues in crude and cruel manner despite clear orders of the Supreme Court that this should be stopped. In the circumstances, farmers and rural people are extremely disturbed, unable to understand why despite clear Orders of the Supreme Court the Central Government and the State Governments are not providing them with the necessary relief.
The nodal agency of the Central Government is the Ministry of Agriculture which has its office at Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi. Farmers from several states such as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi have decided to congregate in front of the Supreme Court at noon onSunday, 23rd October, 2016 and to carry out a Niyat Ki Napai exercise by measuring the distance from the Supreme Court to Krishi Bhawan and assess for themselves how long it has taken for the Orders of the Supreme Court to reach Krishi Bhawan.
The movement of the Apex court’s order on per day basis will be computed and the farmers would inform the nation about how snail-paced this Government is when it comes to ensuring relief for farmers and rural India. For a government which makes tall claims of “Good Governance”, the #NiyatKiNapai exercise will help the farmers bring to the notice of the nation the real intent of this Kachua Chaal Sarkar.

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Swaraj Abhiyan

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