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Mewat victim of larger political conspiracy. Mercury of fear & insecurity rising in BJP’s Haryana. With eye on UP Elections. Adil Mohammed


It is more than fifteen days past since the heinous crime of double murder and rape was committed by a gang in paddy fields of peace full vibrant with history of exemplary harmony among 36 Baradaris of Hindus and Muslims of Mewat.  Though Mewat is predominantly Muslim.

It was clear in the findings of Aman Committee Swaraj Abhiyan which visited the victims families  on 29th of August 16 and recorded facts that revealed serious concerns with regard to the region. It was impressed up on the District Magistrate of Noah Dist that the incident of rape and double murder is not isolated it is part of a larger and serious conspiracy to disturb peace and polarize the peaceful Mewati people on communal lines.

It is noted Mewat is under threat of conspiracy since couple of years. Attempts were made from various angles to pollute air of Mewat.  People who relish to use Indians against Indians for political gains continuously attempting  to incite sentiment on religious lines among people of Mewat to disturb peace and harmony of Mewat.

Forces with political hand behind them  first spread  baseless rumors about Mewati Muslims since months,  Hindu Women un safe with Mewati Muslim Youth around which every Hindu in Mewat knows is a blatant lie. Then a popular Hindi Daily distributed its news paper with a baseless report to incite Hindus against Muslims and test patience of Muslims with shameful article about safety of Hindu girls hinting at Love Jehad and things like that.

It was harmony and peace loving people of Mewat who refused to fall prey to rumors and false reporting. Desperate external communal forces were failing at every attempt. Then 24 th August heinous double murder crime by as alleged by the rape victims were the Cow Vigilantes who unleashed heart breaking crime that has shades of unspeakable acts and hurt to sentiments of a community which should not be told in interest of peace.

Remarkable patience wisdom and courage to face odds and act right in times of intense pain is hallmark quality of people of Mewat.

But there was something not right and the objective was getting defeated for the forces of divide. We made it clear in our Aman Committee Swaraj Abhiyan representation to the DM of Nuh that double murder and double rape is just a link in the bigger conspiracy and we fear some thing bigger is in design of enemies of peace in the region.

We were un comfortable to see the FIR and the remand note of the arrested four accused of this crime did not show any sign of leading to or listing sections of IPC in compliance with the crime of the accused. In fact the Police apparently looked is trying to do a hush hush job and keep the room of escape for the accused intact and dilute the process of justice to the victims.

Failing to incite sentiments among Muslims and Hindus the political hands behind Mewat which is developing in to a laboratory on how induce divide among citizen of India, witnessed Biryani Raids by Haryana GauSevaAayog. Raids were made in over 9 way side Biryani out lets in Noh city hardly 18 Kms from the site of rape and murder crime.

The manner in which the raids were made, the laboratory at which they were tested being not authorized and the active participation of the Govt machinery gives large room to doubt intentions and objective.

Nooruddin Noor, a member of the Mewat Bar Association and a prominent social activist, said the idea that Muslims in Mewat were putting beef in mutton biryani was a “baseless allegation”.

“Biryani has been sold in our district for ages. They never mix beef. However if the police wants the check, we don’t have any problem.”

The BJP Govt is blind on Beef exports it has no guts to raid the slaughter houses owned by thier men who helped in making India under BJP govt the largest export of Beef defeating Brazil over 49000 cr worth Beef India exports today and no one question why Beef Export is not banned.  Law can not be different for the common man  and the powerful.

What is that making Mewat such point of strategic political influence. Mewat is neighbor of UP on its East to Western UP.  State Assemble elections are coming close time is running out for forces of divide among Indian political parties they have tested waters in UP to great extent failed to trigger riots. Mewat is a bonus area for heating up polarization in UP to reap high dividends in elections.

Mewat is hard nut to crack the soil of Mewat will defeat politics of hate and divide by communal in Indian politics and set an example of great wisdom and stand as rock united in these testing times.

Yogender Yadav who raised the beguile of larger peace and appealed to keep calm with tens of responsible peace activists and individuals on 2nd of Sept Dengerheli village panchayat which was attended by thousand of courageous and peace-loving villagers.

Prashant Bhushan Founder Swaraj Abhiyan and Convenor Aman Committee is keeping close eye on the events and appeals to all to work for peace and unity among all citizens and always be united to defeat the enimies of peace.

Swaraj Abhiyan Aman Committee has initiated the process of setting up a Peace Vigilant Manch for Mewat to expose, report and promote unity and peace in Mewat. Aman Committee National Team with Aman Committee Haryana under  Choudary Ramzan and S P Singh are leading the process.


Adil Mohammed

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