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Communals are invariably Castists. We can not make mistake of delinking Communal-ism from Cast-ism. 


Points of great relevance and that can not be treated independently. Communal-ism can not be Delinked from Cast-ism. Communals invariably Castists.
1. Cast hate, discrimination and perpetual abuse of our Dalit brothers and sisters who very sadly are victims of ages of discrimination shamefully linking to origin of birth.
2. None heard them none really understood their agony and pain. They surrendered to fate. Though big in numbers religious and myths and dogmas propagated by community so called gurus and architects who systematically enforced caste separations.
3. Coming of independence should have liberated castes and brought in rule of constitution. Our constitution promised equality discrimination became unlawfull. Yet India has allowed, reasons can be debated, magnifying divide leading to vote bank caste pockets that today threaten to give way to rule of constitution easily.
4. My concern is why caste crimes are treated under cover, and crimes of communalism become intense subject of discussion. Is it because the masters of hate divide and criminalization of society, feel communalism serves polarization on religious lines, where as caste pulls off the mask from faces of evil Intended masters in society who still live in stone age where human beings are treated as un equals as mere subjects at times.
5. Though several policies have definitely helped deprived caste achieved economic and educational liberty to an extent but not enough yet on social and equality bar it is still under scanner and in large manner in rural India caste is a tabo. Women among them worst hit. Freedom of liberated thought under influence of caste Swakars in politics or Bandhi in hands upper caste fascist conspiracy.
6. Muslims were rulers for over six centuries in greater India. They enjoyed rich heritage culture power supremacy they were in control even in brutish raj in several regions of greater India pre partition. But the lower castes who got unfortunate af sc st on caste lines are sufferers since thousands of years. Each citizen has a responsibility today to ensure we do all in out capacity to do justice to them.
7. Modern communal and caste politics if RSS and its out fits is to lower the levels if minorities to that of Dalits socially economically n educationally on one hand on the other hand keep SC STs guessing for clear status as equals
8. Today – coming of a Govt of RSS ideological partners BJP Minorities of the nation are under line of attack in a systematic planned and crooked manner by the so call nationalist who do not respect and regard the very ethos our Constitution their ideology negates our Constitution. They believe in rule of one ideology that promotes rule a merger minority representing a superior caste though, ( It is know fact the caste they think is in line with their thought is infact divided on this type of lebeling)
9.Minorities and SC STs both are suffering the SC ST sufferings are inflicted under cover and kept on low bar by media and print though their sufferings are a continuous process from day to life to bazars to offices and cultural from villages to bastis to places of power in offices in temples of justice and in to our parliament and assemblies they are in big numbers but they do not take places of real power and hold positions of authorities even though they deserved on merit and caliber. None can disprove this reality. All this continues due to politics of vote bank, religion and caste mapping that has become thump rule of Indian politics. Exceptions are their of success but exceptions do not make a society.
10.The Ideology that has rejected Constitution and even refused to respect the national flag and accept the diversity of faiths and cultural are force of binding not divide has unfortunately has come to power mere on the failure of parties like Congress, SP BSP JD U and several regional parties that rule in most of the states though not or purely religious and caste lines but to large extent ironically on lines of upper caste war lines in political supremacy and power garbing mentalities.
11. Now several efforts by communal to flare up animosity and divide among Hindus and Muslims by the evil mongers from both side of the divide Hindus and Minorities did their best in past and in present times to put on logger heads these communities give way to riots. They filed when the Allahabad HC Babri Masjid divided judgement was pronounced. They did succeed in fringe manner in Muzafarnagar and in unfortunate incidents like In UP Aqlaq, Atali in Haryana, and Cow Rakshaak RSS out fit misadventures, and In In UP Kairali.
12.These communal s today know Hindus and Muslims understand well the politics behind inciting communities to burst in to riots. In charged up UP Gujarat elections coming up the communal and politics of the nation is restless to engineer some form of divide in order to play politics of divide,fear and hate to ensure filling of ballot boxes. Now we are at wrong when we say communal s. All communal s are communal and castists too when it comes to parties that have ruled and intend to rule and are in power today they’re castists and communal at the same time.
13. Failed on politics of communal ism they are resorting to politics of cast-ism to polarize Hindu votes too, and they are not stopping just their they are also on whole sale efforts to divide minorities.
14.Muslims in to school of thoughts PM Modi ji is on record making a major effort on these lines keeping in view UP elections, we have seen divide of Christians taking shape in Goa and also Sikhs in Punjab on lines of religious over tones.
15. Communals and Castists use Minorities and Lower Castes SC ST to advance agenda to hold power in the country. By engineering mistrust in them with each other. And using both when needed to advance and take politics for power in to green zone. Bigger designs shaping all who care for the nation and values its constitution and care for justice true inclusive growth should build a true society that erases all lines of divide learn to respect diversity and build a society of real true upholders of Indian Constitution.
16.So the caution line is just to defeat all these forces to uphold peace, harmony, defeat forces that spread fear and take law in to hands and make a mechanism that can tie their hand with the help of law of the land, fight them ideologically, politically, socially by strengthening person to person contact develop a culture of celebrating diversity and promoting justice, equality and opportunity for all.

Adil Mohammed

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