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Good Should Isolate Evil in Indian Politcs to Save People of Nation – Adil Mohammed Swaraj Abhiyan – Interview


Greetings from Aman Committee 

Invite for Varanasi event – Friends this is to inform – Aman Committee is poised to build a large movement to fight communal-ism and cast-ism in the nation. Several Crusaders of Peace and who stood for justice and human rights and fought communal ism and cast ism are coming together to raise voice and strengthen fight against communal-ism and cast-ism and stand against all forces that are threat to peace and harmony.
Every passing day some kind of new issue corps up form no where, politics plays its mockery does all that can be hatched in devilish minds to divide create not just divide among various sections on the lines of faith going beyond they have devised conspiracies deep to divide not just Hindus and Muslims but each faith in to many factions sections castes polarize with in Muslims and with in Hindus too.
In all the great the divides greater the fragmentation. The target are the women, youth minorites, instittuions,freedom seekers, writers, rivals in politics,youth.  Politics should have been the force to build bridges but politics has become hurdle in growth of people and prosperity of the people and nation.
 Aman Committee Swaraj Abhiyan on path to unfolding Umberella for Peace. At Varanasi Event on 16th and 17th of July 2016.
We are a nation that is bound by our constitution and purity of democratic values and norms. Unfortunately their are forces that are taking the law of the land for granted and are systematically inducing fear, hatred, gender abuse, taking law in to their own hands.
And what is shameful is the Govt in power at Center and to an extent Govts in
states too do politics and  intend to  hijack common man specially the not so provided and struggling for a living. They are put to risk on security, belongings, for lively hood and made strangers in their own home.
Organizations and Individuals from across nation who have done great service to the nation and its people in upholding justice and protecting the cultural, ethnicity and religious diversity have shown immense support and encouragement for our Umbrealla for Peace Event.
We have set a large vision and goal in the direction of protecting the inclusive culture and great historic bond between people of all colors, castes, religions, regions, languages and variations and believes.  
As citizens of this nation  it is the pledge that we as citizens have by default are bond to it to uphold the constitution and the parliamentary democracy and fight for justice equality safety and dignity of each Indian Citizen.
And Hold  democratic wheel of this worlds largest democracy vibrant and accountable to people of this nation.
The leader ship of Swaraj Abhiyan Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhshan, Prof Anand Kumar Ajit Jha and our NWC and NCC and NSC members are a un compromised group that will uphold the tenants of our constitution and work for all that is good and will stand in way of all those forces that conspire to dent the principles nation is pledged to lead forward with.
We appeal to one and all to spread this word and explore possibilities to build partners in respective states who can join Umbrella for Peace to acomplish its goals.
And also do send accorss names of willing individuals who can devote time and energy and are passionate to join Aman Committee and lead and support Aman Committees in respective states.
Our call is to newly elected members and office bearers in Swaraj Abhiyan to come up with energy to build one of the important issues that is core to Swaray Abhiyan with JKL ACt And Siksha Swaraj.
All appreciations to all those who are supporting and building for this mission.
Shri Prashant Bhushan appeals with me to support whole heartedly the cause and come forward in big numbers to Varanasi Event and work with focus to serve nation by making it free of communal-ism and cast-ism and politics around it.
These sentiments are shared by Yogender Yadav ji Anand Kumar ji and Ajit Ji too. As we stand united to build nation of our dreams and help nation live fearlessly. Peace when hampered nations ride to prosperity gets derailed.
Join us for peace.
For more details do write to us on and do call on 958089723, 9415222940.
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Adil Mohammed
Aman Committee Swaraj Abhiyan,
9391056767 9490956767

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