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Why PM fails to answer tough questions ? Blaming opposition can’t cover failures.


modi_poor (1) PM said country faces a choice between vikaswad (development) and virodhwad (obstructionism) and the people are well placed to make the right choice, PM Narendra Modisaid at a function to mark two years of the NDA government, at India Gate on Saturday.

PM said “I am before you for a lekha-jhokha (accounting) of the two years that we have been in office. On the one hand, there is the agenda of development, on the other, there is the agenda of obstructionism… Log doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani kar sakte hain,” he said.”A total of Rs 36,000 crore in leakeages has stopped and these savings will be effected every years. Ek nayi subah hai,” the PM said, referring to subsidies routed through direct benefit transfers.  PM Knows well what he is speaking about. Scams are in tunnels MNREGA is a scam, PDS has large holes and direct trasfer in to the benificiaries how direct it is known to us.
 Asserting that India has begun to change, he said, “What has been done must be seen in comparison with previous governments. We cannot forget what has happened or we will not make the right evaluation.
The Supreme Court had cancelled coal mines, there was no coal in power houses. Two years ago every paper or channel was discussing corruption.” Though he did not mention Congress, his allusion to the main opposition was plain enough. Modi ji why are you stopping to give credit how Prashant Bhushan fought in SC to get the Coal Blocks cancelled.


A mega stage and a hyped event will not make the wrongs right, and past wrong and present right. PM Modi and his ministers have exposed them selves on development claims. Why do they need to compare the earlier governments with their governments. Did people voted his govt to do as bad as the earlier govt. If that is the logic then why should he be in power at all.

Then the govts earlier were good for them why have they risked with your adventure. Which today looks a failed adventure. PM Modi seems to be worried about image rather than work of his govt. Mr PM you have failed on all counts and did gained on propaganda. Even that today looks loosing steam.

Thus hold on PM ji a victory in Assam is not victory of BJP but Congresses messing of affairs and long standing anti incumbency. People do not need you or your agenda that you and your people in BJP and saffron MP’s in your BJP are rejected by nation they are rejected in Assam too.

You were not heared in Assam it was smart back door entry of BJP in Assam using Asssamese leaders and rebels from AGP Congress and BOP.

So stop dreaming come on ground and pass few reality tests.Modi Govt has tough questions to Answer ? Blaming opposition will not cover its failrues.

1.What have you done with the OIl look which your govt did by not passing the benefit of crude to people.

2.Corruption is rampahant even today few months more your will be standing in the line as the Congress stood in its term. Why have to your made sincere effort to bring back black money instead continued to siphon black money daily out of India.

3. What about the farmers and the manrega scam since you are in power why the farmers are committing suicide and why are SC orders in drought not followed yet on ground. Your own laboratory of so called Gujarat Model cheated framers and job less poor on MANREGA rights. The SC corners your govt and Gujarat Govt for failing to save farmers in Gujarat. and 11 other states of India.

4 Why communal-ism is making waves thru bajrang dal, VHP RSS and ABVP. Why do you and your govt silently intend to criminalize politics by promoting fear persecution and minorities targetting in crude way and you PM Modi have not cared to set things right. Please pause hold back and understand you are not PM of Safforn and Corporates you are PM of HIndus Muslims and each citizen of India not just your cotore.

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