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JNU Leader Kahnaya Kumar arrested for defending Constittion & Exposing RSS.

High headed Delhi police n Modi govt Unfit to deal with issues of our Universities.

They lack wisdom they are short sighted and function with vengeance they wish to settle score of HCU loss by yet  another dangerous cast and communal politics – using it’s arm ABVP.
kanhaiyaSave our education n our temples of knowledge our universities from anti dalit HRD ministry.The nation is boiling it is leading to a battle to finish between the Sanghi’s and all those who defend Indian Constitution.
Jnu leader’s arrest is clearly a BJP ABVP’s political blunder by the govt in power at the center. It politics by saffron back BJP n ABVP in JNU
Kanhaya Kumar JNU Leader spoke the language that Rohit spoke in HCU. Crime of KK  is he defends Indian Constitution and refuses to fall in line with the RSS ideology. And dares to expose Saffron mind set.
No proof of Kanahya Kumar raising Anti National Slogans. The police can never produce video proof of him rasing anti national slogans.
23 minutes speech of JNU student leader speaks about caste discrimination, inequality, Brahmanism, Poverty, Farmers, minorities, freedom of speech, constitution, and blamed failure of HRD minister in providing basic facilities and environment of trust to students.
Kanhaya said RSS never respected tricolor. And challenged sanghis calling names to Dalits and abusing Dalit women.
ABVP is used by bjp to divide society. The game bjp is playing spills fire. BJP has seen Rohit in Hyderabad now Khanaya Kumar.
Khanya pledged he will  protect Indian constitution, he said nation is free and it will remain free. Jai Hind.
THE COMMON FACTORS in speeches of Rohit and Kanhya  ARE “CONSTITUTION – FREEDOM OF SPEECH – Brahmanism – Baba Saheb Ambedkar – Attrocities on POOR  and DALIT.
The Govt at center is incompetent to address the questions raised by Kahnaiya Kumar. His arrest mistake Modi Sarkar will regret. It was Rohit now it is Kahnaiya. It could be Abass and John who will be faced with sedition charges for defending constitution.


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