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AAP-BJP on path of insanity. Delhi become Garbage Capital.



Delhi under AAP Govt and BJP MCD.   National Capital under AAP and BJP become Garbage Capital.

The game of allegations and counter allegations continue and the people of Delhi suffer. Will these two have some sense to sort all nonsense or sense in counter and allegations and think of Delhi and Suffering people. The PM is busy with his cat walks and the Delhi CM busy with his add shoots.

Both AAP and BJP have taken path of insanity. Who they think they are. Did the people of Delhi voted them to cheat them and make mockery of their trust in them.

I first feel these parties both BJP and AAP should apologize with the people of Delhi. Today I feel the ODD EVEn though very serious issue on envirnmoment cleansing but intentions need to be put to scrutiny. As I see the Delhi Govt and BJP are least concern about people.

Is garbage not major environment hazard. Can The CM of Delhi and PM of India and the side referee  LG of Delhi explain why Delhi is pushed in to a dust bin. Settling political scores is what they are up to then the people will punish them both soon.


Adil Mohammed.

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