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While remembering brave heart Nirbhaya. Women safety continues to be low.

Delhi-as-unsafe-for-women-as-on-Dec-161December 16, 2015

Remembering Nirbhaya…. Swaraj Abhiyan statement

Delhi | Exactly 3 years ago on this day, an unfortunate and fateful incident occurred in the National capital which shook the country. A girl, who later succumbed to her injuries, was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus by six persons including a juvenile. Swaraj Abhiyan pays homage to the brave girl, whom the world remembers as “Nirbhaya.”


Today is the third anniversary of the gruesome incident and the juvenile convict is all set to get free. Parents of Nirbhaya have expressed that they feel no sense of justice or closure. It is time to ponder and assess if we have given a safer Delhi to our sisters. The December 16 incident was followed by various announcements by the governments of state and center to address the serious public concern. A Nirbhaya fund was initiated by the central government whereas all political parties made women security one of its key issues in Delhi. It is a sad fact today that most of these promises have proven hollow and the announcements have been nothing more than cosmetic.


As per the National Crime Records Bureau, NCRB data, Delhi tops in terms of number of reported rapes proportionate to its female population. No wonder Delhi is still tagged as the Rape Capital of India. The fate of Nirbhaya fund is a grim reminder of government’s seriousness towards women security. Though a Rs 1,000 crore fund was announced in the union budget of 2013 by Sh. P.Chidambaram, the money went completely unspent. Inspite of ensuring proper utilization of the fund, the corpus was doubled to Rs 2,000 crore by the BJP government. It is a reflection of government’s misplaced priorities on women security that only 1% of the fund has been utilized since December 16, 2012.


The state government of Delhi has shown an equally lax attitude towards its pre-election promises on women security. Aam Aadmi Party got a huge mandate on promises of making Delhi safe for women. But in its first year of governance, the Kejriwal government has done nothing more than lip-service, be it the setting up of Mahila Suraksha Dal, Bus Marshalls, 15 Lakh CCTV cameras and ensuring last mile connectivity.


It is unfortunate and sad that an incident which generated so much of outrage and agitation has not resulted into a safer Delhi in general, and a sense of justice for Nirbhaya’s parents in particular. Swaraj Abhiyan demands the central and state governments of Delhi to fulfill their promises on women security. Swaraj Abhiyan also expects every governments to implement the recommendations of Justice J.S.Verma commission on women security in totality.

The best tribute to the brave “Nirbhaya” would be for all of us to come together and make the national capital a safe, secure and happy place for our sisters.

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