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Donald Trump is embrassment to America.


WASHINGTON: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling it a temporary measure in a time of war.
Trump likened his proposal to those implemented by former US President Franklin Roosevelt against people of Japanese, Germans and Italian descent during World War II.
“What I’m doing is no different than FDR,” Trump said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” programme in one of a round of heated television interviews where he defended his plan in the wake of last week’s California shooting spree by two Muslims who authorities said were radicalized.
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“We have no choice but to do this,” the candidate seeking the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race told ABC. “We have people that want to blow up our buildings, our cities. We have figure out what’s going on.”
Critics have said his plan rejects American values by singling out people solely based on their religion.

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Fellow Republican candidates as well as Muslims in Pakistan and Indonesia have denounced the plan. Two international organizations, the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration refugee agency, also rejected Trump’s comments.
Trump’s was the most dramatic response by a presidential candidate, even as other Republicans have called for a suspension to US President Barack Obama’s plan to allow 10,000 refugees from Syria.
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…. at last those who preached India on HUMAN RIGHTS , MINORITY RIGHTS …. are getting a taste of islam. Thanks to 9/1… Read More
Truth Brahmandam
On Tuesday, he reiterated that the plan would be temporary, telling ABC that the ban would last until Congress acts on the issue. He also said that an American citizen who is Muslim would be allowed back into the country after an overseas trip.
Still, he said he did not support internment camps, which Roosevelt had set up during World War II.
“I don’t want to bring to bring them back at all,” Trump said. He added that his plan had met with “tremendous support” from thousands of people who “just want to see something happen.”
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Truth Brahmandam1890Influencer Wordsmith Networker Unknown-4 hours ago
…. at last those who preached India on HUMAN RIGHTS , MINORITY RIGHTS …. are getting a taste of islam. Thanks to 9/11 that changed it all.

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PremAnand aka Ed Drw16859Influencer Wordsmith Networker Truth BrahmandamUnknown-2 hours ago
as i said to Rajeshwar — I agree with u and know it is difficult task to make INDIAN CONVERTS reconcile with their NATIVE shaman-vedanta-animist-buddist faith. Especially when 2 of p-5 nation are in connivance <b>to cause trouble in INDIAN region </B> and 1 outside p-5 that is also in connivance supplies weapons to both india and china. And also has hidden nexus with saudi. Alls those 3 nations described above have strong influence in USA and also have influence over Russians.

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Abdul Salam3804Influencer Wordsmith News King Truth BrahmandamQatar-3 hours ago
Also he should call back all US citizens from Muslim countries, stop all trade with them. The boycott should be complete. Also send all Muslims out of US to their native countries.

2 1 ReplyFlag

Truth Brahmandam1890Influencer Wordsmith Networker Abdul SalamUnknown-3 hours ago
Can they BLAST BOMBS via TRADE ? …… a a a aaaaa

1 1 ReplyFlag
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Economist K2509Influencer Wordsmith Member -5 hours ago
Recent events have concluded that this man’s can’t be completely ignored.

41 3 ReplyFlag

pdasnrb37358Influencer Moderator Wordsmith India-5 hours ago
Donald Trump speaks too bluntly about Muslims & ISIS without appeasements! Maybe Politically incorrect but speaks his mind!

40 4 ReplyFlag

Republican presidential candidateDonald Trump
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