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Hegde hits very hard on Kejriwal. Finds no similarity in “2015 AAP Lokpal & 2014 n IAC Lokpals”

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Published on Dec 2, 2015

In the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill of 2014 and 2015, I do find lot of differences in the two, there are no similarities with the original draft bill prepared by India Against Corruption Jan Lokpal Bill.

In 2014 their was some impresion that the Delhi Lokpal will be a strong body. But the present one (of 2015 of Delhi Govt ) it is totally different.

Just looking to the provision of appointing of Lokpal. Was thru a committee of Judges who are not in power. But now in this time ( 2015 Bill of AAP Govt Delhi ) It is to be appointed by the CM, the Speaker of the Assembly, Leader of the Opposition and Chief Justice of Delhi HC. ( Which is total dilution form the original Lokpal )

For Arvind the CM Of Delhi in 2015 corruption is no longer a pressing issue. Has is changed ?

The Arvind of IAC’s intentions and the Arvind of today are different. For him the intentions have changed. Just look his five MLAs are accused by police in criminal complaints in various cases. How ever the love to fight against corruption in Arvind of IAC, In my opinion the Arvind today is not in favor of fighting corruption today.

To an accusation of AAP spokes person that Prashant Bhushan is agent of BJP. Hege said.

They will say I am also form BJP and its agent. ‘They should know In my mining report, I had taken names of three CMs. That was acted agaisnt three CMs one from BJP, one form Congress and JDu. One of the CMs had to go to jail for 20 days.

Our work is not running for posts, we do not need to hold positon of Minister or Governor.

When asked will you join in movement of Swaraj Abhiyan they came out on roads in Delhi will you join such protests.

Hegde replied “I am not starting any andolan. But will support such efforts always”

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