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Falsehood & lies being shamelessly spread by AAP in the name of Lokpal Bill, whereas serious concerns not being addressed.


Press Note, November 29


– Falsehood & lies being shamelessly spread by AAP in the name of Lokpal Bill, whereas serious concerns not being addressed

– Will Kejriwal accept the challenge by Prashant Bhushan to have an open debate on the Lokpal for the sake of transparency and interest of common people?


Yesterday, we had raised serious concerns on the Delhi Janlokpal Bill 2015, which the AAP government plans to table in the assembly. We had submitted our protest by giving you the comparison of how this proposed bill is a crude joke with respect to the original Janlokpal Bill (Demand for which was one of the reasons of the formation of AAP) and also the Uttarakhand Lokayukta Act.


It is unfortunate and disgusting that rather than addressing the straight questions on pointed aspects of the Lokpal Bill, the Aam Aadmi Party stooped to false propaganda and blatant lies. As per various media records, the AAP and its spokespersons repeatedly said that the bill is identical to the Delhi Janlokpal Bill, 2014 of previous AAP government of 49 days. The party even went on to release a press statement terming the present bill, which we call a Jokepal, as “the same Bill without any change”.


We are presenting before you a copy of the Delhi Janlokpal Bill, 2014 (Bill no 02 of 2014), which the Aam Aadmi Party claims is similar to the Delhi Janlokpal Bill, 2015. Though, you might have seen on various TV channels and news reports, but we are also attaching the official press statement of AAP where the party can be caught shamelessly spreading falsehood and lies. In terms of spreading falsehood & propaganda, the Aam Aadmi Party has reached a level where it should now think of having a ministry of Propaganda.



Following are the details about Janlokpal Bill, 2014 on specific parameters where it differs from the present Bill:


  1. Constitution of Janlokpal


2014 Bill – 1 Chairperson and at least 6 other members, whose number, may be increased upto 10 as per need and requirement. (Not less than 50% of members shall be from amongst persons belonging to the Scheduled Casts, the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Minorities and Women)


2015 Bill – 1 Chairperson and 2 members



  1. Selection Committee


2014 Bill – 7 member committee comprising of the Chief Minister of Delhi + Leader of Opposition in Delhi assembly + 2 judges from Delhi High Court + 1 person from amongst previous Chairpersons of Janlokpal + 2 persons from amongst retired judges of SC/HC, retired Chief of Army, Navy, Airforce, retired chief secretaries/principal secretaries to the govt, retired vice-chancellors, retired CEC/CIC/CAG, retired members of UPSC, retired secretaries to the Government of India. The committee has Two out of Seven members from the Political class.


2015 Bill – 4 member committee comprising of the Chief Minister of Delhi + Leader of Opposition in Assembly + Speaker of the Legislative Assembly + Chief Justice of Delhi High Court. Three out of the Four members are from Political class and such a design was always objected during Lokpal movement.



  1. Investigation and Prosecution Wing


2014 Bill – It had the provision for an independent Investigation and Prosecution Wing to be constituted by the Commission.


2015 Bill – No investigative machinery has been given to or placed under Lokpal as per the section 10 of the proposed bill. This means that the Lokpal will have to carry its investigations through officers and machinery provided by governments. Needless to say the investigating officers would obviously beunder the control of governments which provide the investigators



  1. Jurisdiction of Janlokpal


2014 Bill – No phrase such as “Janlokpal may proceed to inquire or investigate into the allegation of corruption occurring in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.”


2015 Bill – Section 7 of the Bill says, “Janlokpal may proceed to inquire or investigate into the allegation of corruption occurring in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.” As per the proposed bill, jurisdiction of the Lokpal would be to investigate any corruption offence in Delhi, be it various agencies and functions under the central government. It means that the state Lokpal can investigate the central government as well.



  1. Removal of Chairperson and members of Janlokpal


2014 Bill – The Chairperson or any other member shall only be removed by the President on recommendation from the High Court after an inquiry on a complaint against the concerned.


2015 Bill – Can be removed by the Lieutenant Governor after a motion passed by the majority of the total membership and 2/3rd of members in the assembly present and voting.



It is a sad day to see a party born out of the Lokpal movement betraying all that it was founded for and all that it aimed to accomplish. The reactions by AAP leaders and spokespersons have showcased the hollowness, a strong tendency to lie and shameless propaganda machinery. It is disheartening to know that it was a party founded on the core principles of transparency & accountability and has failed the common people who reposed so much of faith in the party in the name of a strong and independent Jan Lokpal.


As per the Kejriwal government’s proposed Jokepal is concerned, fact remains that neither AAP, nor its supremo Arvind Kejriwal has addressed and answered our specific concerns regarding the Lokpal Bill. Swaraj Abhiyan challenges the Delhi Chief Minister for an open debate with Prashant Bhushan on their Jan Lokpal Bill. We hope that Arvind Kejriwal stops misguiding the common people through lies and false propaganda and accept the challenge for a healthy debate in the interest of transparency and common people of Delhi.

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