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Amer Khan’s challenge to PM Modi’s Silence – Amer raises bar of protest against intolerance – Adil Mohammed.

aamirkhanrng1It is hard to begin to write on a person who has not been any thing but a great patriot in him self.  I am speaking no doubt about Amer Khan whom India loves and adores has great hopes with him in shaping nation and life’s of the people who some how are not as fine as most of us, who are still marginalized even after 69 years of Independence.

The positioning of people who are transparent and true to their expressions is seriously becoming odd in a country that has lived ages and ages on principles of tolerance and mastering the art of living together in diversity.

Having said this I wish to remind every one, nation is making mistake of looking at every statement and every action with the prism of faiths and schools of thoughts, not just  that out politicians find large fodder in them to take a plunge to make  them point of political gain. This is happening in whole sale today it is true to Amer’s triggered bar against intolerance.

Amer Khan is man of people with golden heart, he as a good husband he had the courage to express concerns his loving  wife Kiron Rao over growing intolerance and growing insecurities.

His choices of words were tough, had  punch to send nerve twisting effect in to all those who are cause of spreading intolerance in the country from several months.   Amer is giving voice  to fears and feelings of millions and millions of Indian who feel like Kiron Rao. He is in fact speaking for speaking for India. Not as a Muslim or for his wife Kiron Rao.

The intolerant lot in anxiety did not even care to hear what exactly Amer said, they just needed to target Amer for reasons best known to the intolerant brigade. He translated with serious reservations the concerns of her wife. The idea was simple to express if his own wife who is blessed with secured environment if she feels insecure and concern as a mother for her child. What must be levels of insecurity of normal Indians.

No doubt the India has become an insecure place for its citizens. Who ever finds courage to  challenge  ill doings in the nation is labeled as anti national.  And seen as a person who is on rolls of anti Modi Camp. Does this not sound foolish. Every Indian has right to express concerns and good PM and Govt job is to address to those concerns. Question is Modi Govt is ignoring all concerns. It sends bells of anxiety and uncertainty.

To take the debate  and restrict it to Muslims or the Minorities in the country would not be fully true.  The fire of intolerance is across board, caste, religion, superstition, regional, economic, political and cultural. The The intolerance among the Hindu community is prevalent for thousands of years. Even to this date in India of Modi a dalit is killed for his or her crime for sharing the shadow of an upper caste Hindu. Does this not put you to shame as Indian. Would any Indian feel comfortable with such incident common. We know all what happened I do not like copy paste them today.

Intolerance is fed  to be very prices injected in to a soft minds, specially youth who otherwise should be serving the nation to fight real issues like poverty, education, development, justice,  of people by fundamental bodies like RSS VHP BJP He will fight intolerance and this statement of his is in direction to fight growing intolerance in the country.

If the youth of this country is not guided properly and not protected from radicals be it in the form of RSS VHP Hindu Mahasabha or hardliners in Islam likes of ISIS or any fundamental bodies.Then – I seriously fear is not going to be a good news of the nations future.

No one can deny PM Modi has enjoyed keeping silent on all the intolerance incidents and killings in the name of what one eats and how one thinks, speaking against superstition costed life of best scholars and pillars of our society in times that PM Modi promised good times.

Amer is a very sharp person he must have done his home work well. He took the stage in my opinion consciously to raise the bar of battle against intolerance in the country. The whole point is why no action on the people who were in open spreading hate and intolerance.

Where is the Govt. How does a CM of a state and Governor  of a state and MP and MLa’s holding high offices belonging to ruling party not booked and arrested for spreading hate and intolerance. Who is protecting them. Will it be right to not question PM’s authority on his Home Ministry.

Amer is not speaking for Muslims or Hindus he is speaking for India and the dream of India we all wish to see.  Our India India of Buddha, Mahatma, Abul Kalam.  PM Modi speaks like Swamy Vivekananda on foreign soil on inclusive growth, faiths tolerance and great idea of India. What happens when he is on Indian soil.

The blame is on the head of the family and Modi if we like it or not is the head of Indain family. When the head gets mum and and does politics in silence and does not effort to take actions things get worst.

Let the bar of fight against intolerance reach the tough ears of Modi. I wish to see action and on those to spread intolerance. Amer is voicing for all who suffered and all who fear intolerance we need to appreciate what he said as  brave Indian.



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