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Modi in UK – embarrassment to nation. PM disgraced Indians and Mahatma on foreign soil.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures while addressing industry leaders at Guildhall in London, Britain November 12, 2015. REUTERS/Rob Stothard/Pool

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures while addressing industry leaders at Guildhall in London, Britain November 12, 2015. REUTERS/Rob Stothard/Pool –  The face is index of mind. With PM Modi nothing seems to be right. He is not the same man who won 2014, who was seen with some sense of hope at Madison Square Gardens.

Narender Modi in UK does not seem to be the Modi that was in US last year September.  Modi in US was beaming with some energy and hope expectations were high even his critics were low in tone were watching a PM who was on ban by the US govt for years before he turned the tables on US by an impressive victory in 2014 general elections in India. Much has happened since both at home and internationally for Modi the PM who managed to remain in news for his connect on twitter and for disgraceful defeat for his party in Delhi and then for series of incidents of unchecked intolerant attacks on minorities and members of backwards among majority Hindu Community.

Under his authority intolerance has found its nails with in his party MPs and MLas.  The ideolgoue of BJP RSS and its fundamental right-wing hard liners from organizations like Vishwa HIndu Parishad, Hindu Mahasabha and Bajrangdal are spreading venom by passing of each day unchecked by the PM and his close confidant Amit Shah who is seen as if If Modi is body Amit is soul. Under Modi religious caste and cultural intolerance is on rise.

His party’s defeat in Bihar seen as a total rejection of the style of Modi Govt and is registered as a total failure to lead nations as PM on  crucial issues of governance. Modi Govt failed to check rising prices of essential commodities, failed to convert international initiatives across globe with nations like China, US, Japan, Nepal and Middle East to levels of comfort. A total blanket silence by the Government on undeterred intolerance of various forms. Killings intellectuals who had spine to challenge the growing superstition and religious intolerance murdered in broad day light.

Surprisingly addressing the British Hosts in the presence of Cameron the British PM our Prime Minister spoke on intolerance. To every ones shock Modi spoke with such easy a lie that is so glaringly know to the hosts UK.  Indian PM is a representative of 1.23 billion Indians. His actions are true reflection of the people of the nation. And PM Modi seems to have mastered the art of deception speaking a whole set of lies in one breath.

Narender Modi said “India will not tolerate intolerance – it is not three incidents, two incidents or one incident. India is not going to tolerate intolerance of any kind. And in India we take strong action on the guilty and they are fittingly punished”  This is a biggest lie which any India would be ashamed to hear form his Prime Minster. This is embarrassing and puts us off.  In morning he touches the feet of Mahatma Gandhi and in the speech where he speaks a lie that is unpardonable. He praises Gandhi for what all he stood for.  That too is a hypocritical of him. PM Modi does not seem to know the responsibilities of being head of the nation. He is not just embarrassing us India but he is also sending a signal that he is least bothered about nation and its value system.

On foreign soil PM Modi has disrespected Mahatma Gandhi and each Indian in India and abroad and in UK. It is not digestible to any Indian who loves nation who has seen PMs who demanded respect in past like Pundit Nehru, Lal Bahadur, Indira Gandhi, Atal Behari Vajpayee the list goes on who kept the dignity and pride of nation always elevated and been great strength to our people who loved and enjoyed laurels from world leaders praising them all.  But with Modi it is not any way near to any of them. He fails on  domestic front and on foreign  soil.

I wish to make one observation back home Hindu Fundamental from the body of which Modi is communicator ( Pracharak to RSS ) celebrates the brith anniversary of killer of Mahartma Gandhi Nathu Ram Godse. And considers Gandhi a traitor.  A talk makes circles that some in them are pitching to even remove the Photograph of Gandhi form Indain Currency.  Modi is PM and does nothing to shun these forces who abuse and disregard Mahatma who is our face on foreign  soil and our dignity and respect as Indians.  The very mention of Mahatma gets us respect and we Indians are looked with great amount of merit and dignity. That only speaks Modi needs Mahatma to be respected on foreign soil back home abuses to him are welcome to him.

Modi lives many worlds. One as PM on foreign soil, Another a Star Campaigner in Indian Elections. One a silent spectator to growing intolerance, politics of hate and intolerance. Another man of Corporate India who is in deal with them but fails to promise too. One that of a RSS pracharak whose past will not allow him to grow as one who can be a leader of 1.23 billion Indians. His objective is total mismatch with his actions.

India is a great nation. Modis tone was of arrogance when he took office and traveled to US. But today the Modi which we see is hammered with Bihar defeat, and under fire from conscious keepers of the nation for being intolerant. Modi is out of words and content for his speech he is showing signs of a losing person who is tried and has no clue how to move ahead.  His party seniors have opened a war front to bash him for his failures. People have found he is just is self centered man who values not his own commitments who is always on a jet lag and in mode of event management preparing for next elections campaign or a visit to a cozy nation abroad that satisfies his thirst form applause.

HIs media and event management teams from is loved state Gujarat from where he gets the model of governance does a perfect spin for mega collections by way of entry tickets to hear and see Modi with entertainment dance and high end buffets all for a big chorus ultimately to make the dampened Modi to get a kick for a while by chanting of Modi Modi Modi. from Indain NRI who have not much stake or  feel of the real  sufferings of the over 80 percent of the Indian back home. For them it is like an outing or a coming of SRK of Salman Khan a good evening spent and way to show back to the real issues faced by the nation. Not even ready to question who is pocketing tons of money who does the organizing and why not question the source and intent of such events like Madison Square in US and now in UK Whmley where 70000 strong Indians seem to have paid for seeing and hearing Modi. Who today is at his low and knows not where he stands.

One comment on “Modi in UK – embarrassment to nation. PM disgraced Indians and Mahatma on foreign soil.

  1. Arnab Sur
    November 13, 2015

    That’s what Cngrss do .. They have always disrespected the nation.Everyone knows that its a propaganda made by Cngrss ..

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