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Bihar elects 24 Muslim MLA’s – 12 RJD, 6 Congress, 5 JDU and 1 CPI (ML). “Bihari Muslims rejected AIMIM gifted them a Big Zero”


The Muslim candidates of the Grand Alliance managed to win 24 seats with 12 from RJD, six from Congress, five from JDU and one from CPI (ML). The number is five more than the last assembly elections, when 19 Muslims candidates were selected in the state Assembly.

All India Majlees-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), the Hyderabad-based political party ended up winning nothing in its Bihar debut.

Bihar elections opened and closed the myth that the Muslims can be polarized by emotions and divisive politics. Muslims have proved they are a mature enough lot,  they know what is good and what is bad for them.

They know politics better than AIMIM leaders Asaduddin Owaisi and his popular brother Akberuddin Owaisi mainly known for evoking religiously hard sensitive, giving irresponsible speeches on high scale of objectionable content, with popular display of orator skills.

The Muslims of Bihar rejected AIMIM politics of divide riding on religious lines.  History shows politics of religious sentiments has always damaged the bigger cause of inclusive and constructive placement of communities,  History has taught us neither the Muslims nor the  Hindus have gained from such narrow minded politics.

I am happy our Muslims brothers and sisters gave a fitting lesson to AIMIM. Muslims of Bihar  stood firm on side of  wisdom and aligned with their brothers in Majority Community in tough times when it was crucial to be united in battle against the fascist BJP and its mentors RSS.   Muslims refused to get divided and did positive politics by siding en-mass with  Mahagatbandan.  Thus defeated the motive behind AIMIM that could have given advantage BJP.

AIMIM has completely failed to understand the Bihari Muslim mind. Bihar is not a land of communal-ism. Bihar is back and and is neglected form decades blame goes to Lalu for his misrule and failure to take up development as main plank. But one credit goes to Lalu and Nitish too communalism is negligible in Bihar.  My take on AIMIM joining fray in Bihar eletions is vindicated see link

AIMIM was seen as one who is flying all the way from Bihar to divide votes of Muslims in order to benifit BJP which was desperate to gain in the 5th Phase of polls where MIM contested 6 seats. But it was not to be.

AIMIM was defeated by Muslims of Bihar and a message given to them is “watch out do not do the repeat in UP in 2017.” UP and Bihar think alike and know well, division of Muslim vote is adavantage to BJP.

They consolidated the base of JDU RDJ and Congress silently though they, kept AIMIM leader tricked they heared  Owaisi brothers, only to enjoy oratory skill, but with no intention to vote them.

Hope AIMIM will learn lesson and think hundred times before venturing in to UP Election fray  just to divide votes People today are smart enough they will not get divided.

AIMIM fielded six candidates from Muslim-dominated constituencies in Seemanchal region but lost all the seats. Party chief Asaduddin Owaisi was very optimistic of opening an account in Bihar assembly camping in the area for a couple of weeks and campaigning door to door.

Owaisi had cautiously chosen only six seats fearing that if MIM fights on more seats and votes get divided then he will be tagged with ‘vote katwa’ for secular votes. However, nothing like happened.

MIM earned 80,248 total votes, constituting 0.2% of total votes in the election. The best performance was put forward by Akhtarul Imaan from Kochadhaman constituency where he stood second and lost to JD (U)’s Mujahid Alam with 18,843 votes. Imaan is MIM’s party chief in Bihar who was also a former member of Bihar assembly. He was earlier with the JDU and the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Another candidate, Tasiruddin, earned 16,440 votes from Kishanganj and stood third, though he lagged by more than 40,000 votes when compared with BJP’s Sweety Singh, who came second to Dr. Muhammad Jawaid, who won with a margin of nearly 9,000 votes.

Ghulam Sarwar from Baisi constituency settled at fourth with only 16,723 votes. Remaining three of its candidates – Md Nawazish Alam (Armour), Mohammed Adil Hasan (Balrampur) and a non-Muslim face from SC seat of Raniganj Dr. Amit Kumar lost their deposits.

List of 24 Muslim Candidates who won in Bihar Assembly Elections 2015 :

Abdul Bari siddiqui (RJD, Ali Nagar)
Abdul Jaleel Mastan (Congress, Amour)
Abid ur Rehman (Congress, Arriah )
Mohd Nawaz Alam (RJD, Arra)
Tausif Alam (Congress, Bahadu Ganj)
Abdul Subhan (RJD, Basai)
Mahboob Alam (CPI ML, Balrampur)
Nematullah (RJD, Baruli )
Fayaz Alam (RJD, Bisfi )
Mohd Ilyas Hussain (RJD, Dehri )
Faisal ur Rehman (RJD, Dhaka )
Sarfaraz Alam(JDU, Jokihat )
Shakeel Ahmed Khan (Congress, Kadwa )
Afaq alam (Congress,Kasba)
Faraz Fatimi (RJD, Keoti)
Mohd Javed Alam (Congress, Kishan ganj )
Mujahid Alam (JDU, Kochadhaman)
Abdul Ghafoor (RJD, Mahisi)
Shamim Ahmed (RJD, Narkatia )
Akhtarul Islam Shaheen (RJD, Samasti pur)
Sharfuddin (JDU, Sheohar)
Khurdsheed Afroz Alam (JDU, Sikta )
Syed Abu Dujana (RJD, Sursana)
Naushad Alam (JDU, Thakurganj)

One comment on “Bihar elects 24 Muslim MLA’s – 12 RJD, 6 Congress, 5 JDU and 1 CPI (ML). “Bihari Muslims rejected AIMIM gifted them a Big Zero”

  1. anandkumarrs
    November 17, 2015

    Interesting read!!! While on this please read my post on Bihar Elections and Exit polls – “Eggs it is Polls!” –
    Feedback most welcome. Thanks

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