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Death of Innocence “Upper caste Hindus burn lower caste Hindu children to death” Shame on us Indians – Adil Mohammed.


No day goes with out a getting saddened in our hearts. What is wrong with our nation, why the criminals and intolerant, caste and religious based crime is on rise. How would we face the disgrace we are piling almost each day.

For politics, politicians  & governments, find in to each passing shameful incident like this one and like the once in past be it Dadri, Atali or a killing of dalit girl whose crime was she went up the steps of a Temple from the intolerant furnace of hate towards fellow citizens and human beings.

This is not just a killing of a human beings  it is death of innocence with which children go to sleep  in comforts of home, who on earth can bring the smiles back on their faces, who on earth can explain to the grieved parents and dear ones what was the fault of these children.

What is leading to intolerance and crime in the nation. It does not take much to figure out. It is the silence of the people in power and very bluntly the Prime Minister of the nation who thinks it is his right to keep a deafening silence  over incidents of crime against the Minorities, and Lower Caste Hindus.  Unfortunately the PM behaves like he is a PM for a set of class of Hindus and the Rich and Powerful in the country for him to show sensitivity towards  pains of  common citizens of the nation below his dignity.

Screams echoing things are  going wrong in the country did not doze in to the ears of the PM the HM the CMs of the state governments. They always made allegations on each other the center calling law and order is states subject not realizing that the nation is their subject the PM was also the PM of all the innocent killed. Be it 53 years old in Dadri few days back or  3 years old Viabhav 9 years old Divya in Sunpedh their responsiblity stood with the Government of the time and the PM had a moral responsibility to do every thing in his power to take heed to the calls of growing intolerance and reprimand the states and set things right. Had he and his administration in co ordination with the states done this the lives of the dyeing innocents  by every passing day would have been saved.

Would it be wrong if we blame silence,incompetence of our PM his Govt and  Govts in states killed Viabhav and Divya.  My inner conscious give witness is not wrong, had they moved and did their duty the children would be living smiling and playing on the lap of their mother and father.  So would be the family of many Aqlaaq Vaibav and Divya’s who are loosing lifes to growing intolerance in the nation.

My thoughts move to blame politics like it happened in Muzafarnagar in UP pre 2014 Lok Sabha Elections politics led killings and making tens of thousands home less and insecure. Does these growing incidents of crime linked with Caste and Religion benefiting some greedy politicians who are using blood and killings to bake their bread for power.

Upper caste Rajputs allegedly set fire to the home of a Dalit family in Sunpedh, a village in Faridabad near Delhi, in the early hours of Tuesday, killing both the sleeping children inside aged 2 years and 9 months while their parents have suffered severe burn injuries.

Police said the attack was an act of revenge that was born out of a year long tussle over a mobile phone.

Vaibhav, 3, and his nine-month-old sister Divya were brought to Safdarjung Hospital around 3 am with 60-70 per cent thermal burns. Both were declared dead. Their mother Rekha, 23, is critical.

Jitender/ PTI

Their father Jitender suffered burn injuries on his palms, he has been discharged.

“The attackers were Rajputs and they had a confrontation with Dalits over a murder in October last year. They barged into our home when we were sleeping and they poured petrol from the window after locking our door from the outside. I could smell petrol and tried to wake up my wife, but by then the fire had started. My children died in the fire,” said helpless father of flower like children Jitender. Will he ever forgive the killers. Can any of us every forgive these animals in mass of humans.

PM already in soup for doing too much politics over the dead. If he does not rise above politics of hate, cow, tampering constitutional rights, freedom of speech and protect human values and citizens rights as  unleashed by RSS  VHP Hindu Mahasabha and BJP’s own MPs and MLas, then it should be a constitutional break down in the nation.

If he fails to  defeat religious and caste based intolerance he would  moral right to be in the seat of PM. He should resign, not just him he should resign and put papers for his government and live it to the President to take a pause and consult the legal experts and decide and debate on why a govt with majority is failed to protect lives and have environment of confidence and security.

Protesters have blocked a key highway in India to protest against the death of two children who were burnt alive in an arson attack near the capital Delhi.

Three people were arrested and police said they were looking for nine others.

Security has been tightened in the area after a rise in tensions over the incident.

On Tuesday, several young men blocked roads in Faridabad, demanding action against those behind the crime. Many more joined them on Wednesday, local television reported

 The house was doused in petrol and set on fire at around 2am on Tuesday.

The infant and his two-year-old sister were both asleep in their home in Faridabad district, about 25 miles (40km) outside Delhi, when the attackers doused the building with petrol and set it alight.

“We were sleeping when they poured petrol from the window. I smelled the petrol and tried to wake up my wife but by then the fire had started. My children died in the fire,” the father, identified as Jitender, told the Press Trust of India news agency.

“They had threatened me that they will finish my family, that I should never return to the village,” he added.

The attack appeared to have been part of a long-running feud between the area’s Dalit community and the higher Rajput caste. The father of the two children killed in the attack, said by the time he woke up it was too late to save his children

The chief minister and senior police officials have promised to bring the attackers to justice.

Faridabad police commissioner Subhash Yadav told the AFP that the attack appeared to have been part of a long-running feud between the area’s Dalit community and the higher Rajput caste, which also claimed the lives of three people a year ago.

Dalits, formerly known as “untouchables”, are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system in India. Although caste discrimination is illegal, biases remain in many areas.

writes BBC news web today.  with bits from BBC news.

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