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Swaraj Abhiyan leader Prashant Bhushan. In “Agenda of chaos and disorder” PM Modi can say bye to “Make In india Programme”

Prashant Bhushan addressing Media today in Kochi. Swaraj Abhiyan volunteers meet its leader PB.

Prashant Bhushan addressing Media today in Kochi. Swaraj Abhiyan volunteers meet its leader PB.

KOCHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi can say goodbye to his ‘Make in India’ programme if he proposes to unleash “agenda of chaos and disorder” in the country, Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan today said.

Bhushan, a leader of Swaraj Abhiyan slammed the Sangh Parivar for “recent attacks” on minorities, rationalist thinkers and writers in various parts of the country.

He said flow of FDI to the country would be hit if government fails to send a message to the world by acting against those who try to divide India on communal lines.

“Mr Modi can say goodbye to Make in India if this is the agenda that he proposes to unleash. Because this agenda will lead to chaos and disorder and nobody in his right mind is going to invest in India in this chaos and disorder.

“I can safely predict today that the FDI that will come under this country next year will less than what came in this country prior to Modi,” Bhushan told reporters, lamenting that India’s “unique diversity” is under attack under the BJP rule.

Accusing the government of treating black money which comes through tax haven as FDI, Bhushan said, “all shady money being invested in real estate and stock market in the country.”

“This should not be counted as real FDI,” he said.

Welcoming the recent Supreme Court verdict declaring NJAC Act “unconstitutional”, Bhushan alleged that the National Judicial Appointments Commission was a “clear effort” by the BJP-led government to control the judiciary by controlling the appointments of judges.

“Government’s control over judges’ appointments would have certainly compromised independence of judiciary,” he said.

Noting that everything is not fine with the Collegium system of appointment, Bhushan also sought establishment of an “independent” commission to regulate judges’ appointment.

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