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PM Modi gets rear distinction “South African Govt files defamation case on India’s PM” Will RSS defend n BJP applaud this rare distinction. Time to regret voting BJP to power.

nelson-mandela-quoteThere is saying silence is better than thousand words when you do not know what to speak.  The Prime Minister of India is in such a soup he love to speak and he loves to engage attention of media via paid twitter handle tweet master who tweet for him siting in a dedicated back office of PM of India who manufacture tweets and social media notes.
But this time the back end team had it tweeted on the matter it would surely be not as bad as Modi the PM of India did by openly speaking on stage to thousands of gathering in Punjab.  We can not say he was in influence of external nervous numbing substances.  The poor PM has just that much IQ and understanding of Nelson Mandela and the movement against apartheid for blacks struggle for justice and equality and winning over the whites in South
The out come is turely justified in prespective of South African people and govt. The Govt of SA filed Defamation case against PM Modi in ICJ because of Badal-Mandela tweet  – 13 October 2015


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to a gathering during Loktantra Prahari Abhinandan and his comparison of South African leader Nelson Mandela to Parkash Singh Badal has drawn international ire with South Africa launching a strong protest with the International Court of Justice on Monday.

The Government of South Africa has filed a defamation case against Narendra Modi in the International Court of Justice, Hague and is seeking strict action.

“There is a special family about whom pages are written in history even if their fingernails break. Very few people know that Badal Saheb is Nelson Mandela of India, who has spent nearly two decades in jail only because of political differences,” Modi had said while comparing Badal to the late Mandela, who is revered worldwide and known as anti-apartheid crusader.

Modi gets global Celebrate – South African Govt files defamation case on PM of India Damodar Narender Modi. Why not all who voted Modi file similar case for cheating their trust.

The man when he speaks rakes up intense communal and people divide in home nation India, while he is on home soil as a dignified flying visiting Indian from foriegn air space. No PM has had so much obsession and over doing on foreign visits. He does it so much he is almost makes sure he is poking is long noose in to the internal matters of countries he visits. Like he did and messed Nepal and lost it to China royally. Now with one stroke he has lost South Afirica from a childish statement comparing legendary Nelson Mandela to a Corrupt Badal.

He has proved he is good at destroying relation ships, he did do that with China, Nepal, US President  gave his a friendly advice reminded him of the pride India represents and values of father of the nation and art of peoples nation that has responsibility to honor the past glories Indian nation embeds  and enhance them.
The South African government, in a bid to calm down the protest situation, filed a defamation case against Modi in the International Court of Justice, for insulting Mandela. Twitter users from the country expressed their ire over Modi’s statements.

“Our government filed a defamation case against the Indian Prime Minister Modi personally, but our relationship with India will not be affected. We share a strong relationship with India since centuries, said an official of the Federal Government of South Africa to a leading South African news portal.

Should India Celebrate, will our Media celebrate as it did PM’s on Dadri speak it they did they are a family of insane minds like the one our honorable PM has proved he unfortunately has he needs to take a break and consult psychiatrist.

Can any Indian tolerate such comparison of our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. World respects both Gandhi and Mandela. Mandela is South Africa’s Mahatma Gandhi.

With this Modi has reached where he skipped from a legal tangle with law. He shielded temporarily from Gujarat Riots cases. But he managed to get international by this defamation form SA. habits die hard.  He has almost done a terror act by abusing Mandela.

PM Modi gets rear distinction “South African Govt files defamation case Damodar Narender Modi PM of India.” Will RSS defend and BJP applaud this rare distinction. Today India regrets voting BJP to power.

Catch has reached out to international law experts for inputs.

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