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BJP using Cow to Milk Bihar – Bihar will not milk for BJP- it forgets.

10462705_10202460445294469_5280245733084349786_n  My Blog on Cow and Bihar Elections.

The question is not Cow or its sentiments associated with Hindu faith or its slaughter and consumption by most of the 67 percent non vegetarian Indians belonging to all faiths. The Beef is meal and protein supplement for most of the caste based Hindu community which has its majority as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and among upper caste and even sections of upper caste cow eating is part of rituals and slaughtering of cow is found in various cultural and spiritual events of few not very significant sections  among Hindus.

Having said this the beef is welcome as a food to a majority in India. One the other hand beef is a thumping and roaring business and foreign exchange earner for Indian nation. The fact is even this year 2014 – 2015 India is second largest exporter of beef to the world. And it earns a whooping revenue of In 2014-15, India’s exports of animal products was Rs 33,128.30 crore and this included buffalo meat (Rs 29,282.60 crore), sheep/ goat meat (Rs 828.11 crore), poultry products (Rs 651.21 crore).

Most of the exporters of beef from India are Hindus and in hand in glove with the ruling parties of this nation and evidence shows that the BJP leader of UP and MLA Sangeet Som who spills venom and comes as saviour of cow and protect it is ironically partners and owns beef exporting companies. Documents show that Sangeet Som was a Director at the Al Dua Food Processing from 2005 to 2008. On its website, Al Dua claims to be a “leading producer and exporter of halal meat from India.” (Press Trust of India photo)

Now this Govt at center under Narender Modi who has failed in all counts on leading nation as a nation of all sections and faiths and inducing confidence and deterring the hate and abuse mongers and killers of innocent people under the garb of Hindu saviors of Cow the mother of Hindus. Most Hippocratic is looks. On the flip side the Govt is doing a exercise As politics rages over beef after a man was lynched by a mob in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri, the government has said that it will review the export of meat to check if cow meat or beef is being illegally shipped out of the country as buffalo meat.

Thus is is clear with out any doubt the issue is not cow neither the sentiments or any thing to do with love of this Govt with Cow or Hindu religion. It is mere a act of dividing the  simple law abiding loving communities of this nation and pitch them one against the other in the name of religion and steer fear and insecurity among minorities and use Muslims as stepping stone to do this act that un holy and sinful in the eyes of constitution of the nation and Hindu vedic mantra and any scriptures of faiths.

beef-politics (1)Bihar is in eye for Modi and RSS they think Indian are fools and they will get divided. This they tried when the Babri Masjid and Ram Janmabhoomi verdict came from the seat of Allahbad High court. The nation has matured to understand these over turns for power at all cost even if it costs killing of Aqlaq or a Dalit or abusing the Yadavs or brushing with history and use names of freedom fighters and movements like JP.

Bihar is target. And Biharies need to give a fitting reply to BJP and RSS by defeating them in Bihar.  today Prashant Bhaushan also tweeted when he saw the RSS and the Hindu fundamental have ganged wtih BJP to dilute the very idea of India.

  1. The BJP/RSS/Sangh Parivar spreading communal poison & violence have become the biggest threat to civilization.They must be defeated in Bihar

    6h6 hours ago

    This video reveals that the leaders & soldiers of BJP/RSS are fully behind the lumpen mob violence of beef politics.

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