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Yogender Yadav led Samvedana Yatra flags off on Gandhi Jayanti from Yadgir in Karnataka.


Jai Kisan Andolan
Press Release, October 01

Samvedna Yatra to commence on Gandhi Jayanti tomorrow from Yadgir in Karnataka

To give power to the voice of the sons of the soil Yogendra Yadav has chosen the honorable occasion of Gandhi Jayanti to begin his Samvedna Yatra (March for Compassion) from Yadgir in Karnataka. This will be yet another milestone in the Jai Kisan Movement of Swaraj Abhiyan. The purpose of the yatra is to draw the attention of the entire nation to the worsening plight of our farmers and as the name suggests to awaken the compassion latent in the hearts of our people and society. Many well-known artists, writers, story-tellers, singers, photographers will join the Yata through the worst affected regions of the country.

Official data shows 14% deficit than normal rains in the country. The level of rainfall in country’s 295 districts is severely reduced. These districts account for 39 percent of the country’s total landmass. In the last 100 years, this is only the third time that a consecutive drought prolonged over two years has become death’s bane for the farmers. According to meteorological department’s forecast the situation is expected to continue till April 2016. So the drought that has destroyed the current kharif crop will also afflict the rabi crop.

It is unfortunate that the country has turned a blind eye to the drought that is now of the scale of a national disaster. It has already wiped out the lives of thousands of farmers, but the governments both at the center and in states are busy in paperwork and making empty claims. For the media and city-dwellers also this issue has not caught the attention it deserved. Such is our ignorance that Uttar Pradesh which represents the core of the crisis, is not even being talked about. We are fast moving towards becoming an utterly compromised and insensitive society.

The Samvedna Yatra beginning from October 2 will travel from Northern Karnataka through Telangana, Marathwada and Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh to end in southern Haryana on October 15. Spread over 25 districts in 7 states it will cover 3,500 kilometers over a fortnight. This is essentially a journey through the villages in the severe drought-prone districts of the country to reach out and understand the problems and issues of the worst affected families with the prime goal of raising them effectively at the national level. During the journey we will also attempt to understand and document the alternative experiments and indigenous methods devised by the resilient Indian villagers to counter drought.

Through this yatra Jai Kisan Movement aims to present the true picture of the country’s farmers and agricultural crisis. To exhort and wake up the sleeping sensibilities of our society and to find the solution to this grave problem is the ultimate objective of Samvedna yatra. In solidarity with Jai Kisan movement many respected people of the intellectual and art community will travel with Yogendra Yadav so that we can present the farmers’ plight in every stream and through their medium connect it to various aspects of the society and make it a topic for intensive discussions and thought process. Jai Kisan Movement will not let this drought turn into a famine. To ensure that farmers are not left alone to face this disaster Yogendra Yadav starts his journey tomorrow to ignite and imbibe the nation’s feelings of compassion towards them within his own self, and lay the foundation for a better future and a happy nation.

Jai Kisan. Jai hind.

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