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Grand Mufti “Faith not sufficient unless associated with good deeds” at Arafat Congregation. Appeals defeat deviants in Grab of Muslims.

F-01-N-01-27-09-2015MINA: Enemies of Islam are plotting to destroy the Islamic nation, warned Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh during his annual Arafat Day sermon on Wednesday.
“Some of them are non-Muslims while others want to exploit Islam posing as Muslims, falsely raising the slogans of defending the Islamic nation to deceive the ignorant and common people. They only want to bring evil and disintegration to this nation,” he said, addressing the pilgrims.
Referring to the Yemen crisis, he highlighted the Kingdom’s timely support to the neighboring country with all possible means to save it from the injustice of tyrants and aggression.


He said the Houthis are a deviant and sinful group that runs counter to the ethics of Muslims. “They used to spread chaos in Islamic countries in a manner that gives a chance to the enemies of Islam to exploit their resources and threaten the security of neighboring countries,” he explained.
The grand mufti said: “Evil sons have grown among us who are known for their deviant thoughts and recklessness. They shunned the Muslim community, profaned their blood through suicidal attacks in mosques, falsely attributing them to Islam, and Almighty Allah knows they are liars.”
He called on Muslims to fight these deviant groups because their presence in the Muslim community has done a great harm.
He said Islam came with a fair system under which all people are equal. It rejects infringement and injustices on others and, in this context, he explained a hadith quoting Prophet Muhammad in which God Almighty said: “O my servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and have it forbidden amongst you.”
He appealed to the media to serve Islam by freeing itself of any deviant ideas and, rather, make it a means to unify ranks and call toward Allah.
He denounced Israeli occupation forces for their excesses against Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque.
He stressed that Islam is the religion of faith, the faith that is closely related to speech, action and behavior. Faith (belief) alone will not be sufficient unless associated with good deeds, he said. He called on the Islamic nation to stick to the fixed (and accurate) Islamic doctrine from where they can embark on the call to Allah.
Addressing Islamic propagators, he called on them to explain to the Ummah that Islam is for all mankind. It has a global message that Islam is not bound by color or language, but what matters is the faith, as Allah, the Almighty, said ‘the one who fears Allah the most, is the one who is the most faithful to Allah’.”
He said Saudi Arabia is distinguished by so many characteristics including the application of the Book of Allah, the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, calling to Allah and monotheism and rejection of polytheism, which all are consistent with the call of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulwahab.
“Other characteristics which distinguish the Kingdom lie in its application of the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice, fight against crimes, punishment for perpetrators, preservation of Islamic and Arab identity and defending issues concerning Islam and Muslims at international forums,” the mufti said. He stressed that the Kingdom was, and still is, keen on the unity of the Muslim Ummah.
He said Saudi leaders have always had the honor to serve the two holy mosques and give them their utmost care.

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