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“Who I am, my race made me different – Police made me feel I am terrorist” Ahmed Mohammed. US has trouble looking beyond !!

ahmed-mohamed-featured-582x392 (1)Ahmed Mohammed the boy who brought home made cloak, got arrested simply because his name did not sound good to the police officials acknowledge Ahmed never claimed the device was anything but a clock, they arrested him anyway Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said today the department wouldn’t be filing charges. But they did suspect Ahmed was a possible threat and they arrested him and hand cuffed him, not caring even for his juvenile status.  The story of Ahmed has two sides to it one is grim and the other is bright like a  winter shining sun.  The story gives immense hope but at the same time speaks about the intolerance and discrimination Muslims and Co-loured  are faced with in in US of Obama. Ahmed comes for Sudan his is immigrant like Obama too.

The week started pretty terribly for Texas high school student Ahmed Mohamed. On Monday, the teen, who is Muslim, brought to school a clock that he was proud to have made on his own and was arrested for what police initially — and falsely.

In an interview late Wednesday with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Ahmed said he was pulled out of class at MacArthur High School by his principal and five police officers and taken to a room where he was questioned for about an hour and a half.

He said he asked the adults if he could call his parents.

“They told me ‘No, you can’t call your parents,'” Ahmed said. “‘You’re in the middle of an interrogation at the moment.’ They asked me a couple of times, ‘Is it a bomb?’ and I answered a couple of times, ‘It’s a clock.'”

“I felt like I was a criminal,” the teenager said. “I felt like I was a terrorist. I felt like all the names I was called.”

Hayes asked what he meant.

In middle school, Ahmed said, he had been called “bombmaker” and a “terrorist.”

“Just because of my race and my religion,” he said, adding that when he walked into the room where he was questioned, an officer reclined in a chair and remarked, “That’s who I thought it was.”

“I took it to mean he was pointing at me for what I am, my race,” the freshman explained.

Ahmed is not going back to MacArthur — he’s transferring to another school, his father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said. The family has not yet picked a new school for Ahmed, he said, and is exploring options inside and outside of the country.

‘Scared but happy now’

Mohamed, who immigrated to the United States from Sudan, believes that his son was targeted because of his brown skin color and his religion.

The teen has never been in trouble, Mohamed told CNN. “My son’s name is Mohamed — people just think Muslims are terrorists but we are peaceful, we are not that way,” he said.

He was furious that the school didn’t contact him right away to tell him his son had been arrested. Instead, he first learned of what happened when police called him.

Mohamed said he rushed to the station and saw his son “surrounded by five police and he was handcuffed.”

The school later suspended Ahmed for three days, his father said.

Mohamed said his son was at first embarrassed by what happened, but then was lifted and emboldened by the widespread support he has received.

CPAFMKrUkAABI2aAhmed also appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday.

“I was scared at the moment, but now I feel really happy,” he said. “I’m getting all this support from all over the world. And the support isn’t just for me but for everyone who has been through this. I will fight for you if you can’t stand up for yourself.”

He said he was most excited to hear from MIT. “I dream of going there,” he said.

And he’s thrilled to go to the White House.

“I hope to see him soon,” Ahmed said of Obama.

Irving police had held onto the clock as evidence, but on Thursday, they told CNN that it’s ready for Ahmed to pick it up.

Asked what his plans for the future are, he told GMA, “That clock was part of my future.”

Earlier Social Media did the turn around for Ahmed Mohammed, his face and name were splashed across traditional and social media, and he’d received thousands of tweets and Facebook posts of encouragement.President Barack Obama invited him to the White House and praised his love of science. Leaders at Reddit and Twitter offered him internships. Google executives said they were reserving Ahmed a spot at their weekend science fair and MIT asked him to visit the campus.



Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg invited him to visit the company’s headquarters, posting, “Having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest. The future belongs to people like Ahmed.”

The hashtags #IStandWithAhmed and #EngineersForAhmed garnered hundreds of thousands of posts and tweets.

The above narration gives account of divided America. Racism is prevalent and deep rooted still in American the trauma Ahmed Mohammed went thru for those moments when the school authorities and US police lead him in to in an over an hour long interrogation not allowing him to speak to parents detaining him hand cuffed is un imaginable.

Immense encouragement and standing for Ahmed and his genius is appreciable. It has put a led on further embarrassment not just to Ahmed and his family but to all colored and Muslims living in US and across globe. Ahmed’s problem became big on twin count he was a Black form Sudan and above it he happened to be a Muslim.

The police has not booked any case or raised any charges on him. But the case is not as easy to shut and forget. On one hand is the abuse and trauma  Ahmed went thru needs to be pitted with responsibility and the guilty be charged and punished under law.   The school has a major answering to do with the police. Mind you the police and the school are still defending Ahmed’s interrogation and arrest.

Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.

Ahmed, don’t let this stop your creativity. Come hang out at Autodesk and we’ll make something new together.


The top in US corporate encouraged Ahmed stood by him made him feel good and tried to put some healing touch to the trauma him and his family went thru. But the deeper fear and disconnect the people of US and its police and administration is loaded with will it be reversed to make the tall claims of its leaders in past and in present. United states is a true nation of opportunity that stands fully against all forms of discrimination and intolerance towards faiths and races. US hold a flag of opportunity and equality for all. Big task thou.


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