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Heavy Wind Cause Crane Collapse – Tragedy at Makkah – 65 Killed. ( Saudi Civil Defense Authority Tweets Accident )

143373a8-21fb-4137-9380-d5bf306c41ea_16x9_788x442Tragic accident happened in Makkah at Masjid Al Haram. May Allah give magfirah to those who lost life. Request for prayers and safety for Hajis and  quick recovery of the injured Hajis.

Allah knows best. Allah has taken what he had give us. The dead were most Pilgrims who were in Masjid Al Haram today to perfom Haj this September The Haj is scheduled to begin later in  this Month.  Even in the hour of severe tragedy the screams were of Allah Allah and Allah.  La Ila Ha Illlah and  Subhan Allah.

Allah tests his loved ones with calamities. The once who lost life are in Jannah and the once injured have a test ahead of them and a lesson for all Muslims of the world and all mankind the faith of Islam bread patience and great grace in hour of pain.

The praises of Allah the creator of universe peak in calamity and pain too. Allah hu Akbar…  The UMMAM of Mohammed SAS on server tast across globe. The incident proves their is not place safe on earth and their is nothing that happens with out the will of Allah all good and all test comes form HIm and Him alone.

Adil Mohammed. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilehi Rajioon.

Crane falls on Hajis at Haram Shareef due to heavy winds.
More than 62 peoples died and Many Injured in the Incident.
Major Causality reported.
Inallillahi wa inalahi rajioon.
Allah Marhoomo ki Maqfirat kare Aur Jannat me alaa se alaa muqaam aata farmaye.



Crane fallen on the roof of Masa’s (Safa & Marwa) in Masjid al-Haram due to heavy winds.
May Allah Pak protect all Hujaj.
Ameen Ya Rabal Aaalameen
#MakkahIncident #MasjidAlHaram
#Hajj2015 #MakkahCraneFallen #Duas .





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