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Bihar Elections under threat of getting polarized on Religious lines. If AIMIM join’s fray. Caution Note from Adil Mohammed.

My stand in my article on 20th on my blog adilmohdblog on link…/bihar-elections-u…/
vindicated with the mess MIM has created in Bangalore… MIM leader can not be ignorant of the fact MIM is not doing any good to Muslims on the contrary is further isolating them. They are taking advantage of the not so very informed and not really educated masses of Muslim Community. My article on MIM and Bihar elections is a warning for the politics that is looking at holding back the Amit Shah politics of deceive money and master strategy. I just hope MIM is not playing in to the hands of BJP President AMIT Shah. Share this post to millions and do not just share but also show solidarity with all who can positioned to give fight to BJP … Muslims have a duty… Not get divided do not come in to the elusive speeches. Look a broad picture.. Hold fort and hold it tight unity is the only strength. Muslims need to vote en-mass to one party or a group .. not allow a single vote to get divided… Appeal. Adil Mohammed. To Muslim voters nay where in India and now soon in Bihar.

Adil Mohammed's Blog since 2009


President Assduddiin Owaisi of AIMIM yesterday said reacting to statements of leaders of JDU and  other parties in Bihar. “The incompetence of political parties in Bihar to defeat BJP makes them think. AIMIM if contested coming elections in November will divide Muslim votes”

My question is how will AIMIM prove its participation will help to ensure defeat of BJP or protect the interests of Muslims in Bihar.Or where ever his party is intending to join electoral fray ?

One who knows dynamics of politics and vote share in conditions it is fought would agree the fight is between BJP and secular. It is also true the community is messed up after decades of loyalty to parties like Congress Janta Dal  SP JDU and others in India.

AIMIM has to decide where it likes to be seen or whom should his party deal with for just uplifting muslims in Bihar.

Presence of…

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