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AAP which emerged from Anti Corruption Movement – Is today openly with Corrupt Nitish-Lalu. – Swaraj Abhiyan (press note).

arvind-kejriwal-and-nitish-kumar_240x180_51439991022Press Note, Aug 20, 2015

AAP, the party which emerged from a nationwide anti corruption movement, is now openly with the corrupt politics of Nitish-Lalu

The Aam Aadmi party has declared its support to the JDU combine in the coming Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections. The leader of the party which used to paint the whole political system corrupt not too long ago now grants a certificate of honesty to a major player of the very political system. The party which emerged out of an unprecedented nationwide anti corruption movement is now on its way to becoming one more lug in the well oiled machine of corrupt politics.

Citing Nitish Kumar’s personal honesty in support of this step is right out of the  congress playbook, when they used to try and hide the greatest scams on earth behind Manmohan Singh’s so-called personal honesty. The truth is that just as Manmohan Singh was the symbol of a corrupt Govt., Nitish Kumar too has been the leader of a corrupt Govt. in Bihar. Further, Nitish Kumar is the face of an Alliance in which the RJD of Lalu Yadav and the Congress are his principal partners. RJD and JDU have divided 100 -100 seats among themselves, with 40 for the Congress party. Offering electoral support to such an alliance is a gross betrayal of the sentiments of the anti corruption Jan Lokpal movement. Let us not forget that equal partner in this Alliance, shri Lalu Yadav has been convicted and sentenved in the Rs. 9500 crore fodder scam. And those citing secularism as their justification for supporting this corrupt combine would do well to remember that Nitish Kumar was a cabinet minister in the Atal Behari Vajpayee govt. which failed to act against the 2002 riots in Gujrat.

Truth is that AAP is wading deeper into the quagmire of corruption with each successive step, whether large or small. Starting with distributing tickets to corrupt candidates in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha, making a mockery of the party Constitution to install one person as the party supremo, attempting to conceal the corrupt acts of its ministers, running a self-promotion campaign by misusing public funds, and now by joining hands with the corrupt forces of traditional politics; each such step exposes the character of the party’s leadership. Its hard to say how far AAP will fall in this downward slide from the politics of Integrity it once stood for. It is an act of gross betrayal of all those patriots who were part of the anti corruption movement, of all ordinary workers and volunteers of the party and of every such Indian who dreamt of a corruption free political system. Swaray Abhiyan is resolved and committed to keeping that dream alive.

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