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“JKA wants PM Modi to Spell Farmers Policy to make Suicide free India in his Independence Day Address. While we gear up for Mega farmers battle:” Yogendner Yadav.

11889435_10205146283958757_6487808700968723312_n (1)The LG ordered police to return Plough (Hal) back to Protesting Jai Kisan Andolan. The Plough will be collected and would be ceremony I ally taken a village ( name of the village will be known soon) and temporary placed in a farmers stop arrangement and till the time it will be placed at its planned location Delhi Race Coarse the land that belongs to farmers.

Delhi Race Coarse illegal lease too has expired over 18 years back. Swaraj Abhiyan Demands it’s returning to farmers and build a farmers memorial.

In view of security arrangements and high alert on request of LG Prashant Bhushan and Yadav led delegation accepted the request as JKA n Swaraj Abhiyan fully respecting the national security concerns  and law-abiding organization which is strong believer in purpose driven alternative politics, JKA  would continue its protest in a virtual media and in confines  for a while till 15th August and wait for the speech of PM  on 15th August. As we demand his clear statement on how the government is going to lay out a policy to make India free from farmers suicides. 

The Swaraj Abhiyan n Jai Kisan Andolan memorandum of demands is handed over to Speaker of Lok Sabha Smt Mahajan by Punjab MP Dhramveer Gandhi on behalf of SAJKA. Mr Gandhi was assured by speaker the demands would be seen in to and what ever is in her capacity she would convey to the house and to the PM and all that is possible in her capacity.

We at Swaraj Abhiyan as a body of people who respect and values all norms and on path of evolving alternative politics will wish to focus on farmers plight and fight it till the last.

We are pledged,we are not going to rest till the whole of demands are met. We feel ashamed the manner in which the sacred plough and Kalshes from across over 10000 villages and soils from villages of national leaders, freedom fighters and father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi were disrespected hurting sentiments of farmers and nation. There is Akrosh, Anger, and great deal of pain among the farmers and people of the nation not just in villages but in cities of the nation too. Even the youth is angry about the manner the police acted.

It is un imaginable in nation which feels immensely strong on all forms of sentiments and astha, how can the authorities be blind to this and how can it be allowed by the Govt n  HM to get away be disrespecting the Mother earth so sacred, brought with prayers blessings and faith after hundreds of Kalsh in fact from pojas conducted in temples. they are sacred in every sense.

Our movement will remain focused on farmers plight, justice to over three lac farmers families whose members have committed suicide. The symbol of farming and national pride plough “hal” and kalashes.

JAI Kisan Andolan will be taking the pitch of movement to a far higher plane. We will come back with a bang with Kalashes from one lac villages and a Hal from each state of India in six months with same demands and if Govt fails to budge and accept all our demands. decision on this will be made in today’s national working committee of s SA.

We will  – when we are back in Capital for a rally in Possibly six months with farmers in thousands again we will not be leaving till we get farmers demands full filled and a policy by Govt to spell out a farmers suicide free India. The exercise to reach to one lac villages is put to action.

Jai Kisan Andolan is in co ordination with the famers movements that are part of Jai Kisan Andolan to assess and build much bigger resolve to ensure the demands will be press and accepted by the govt.


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