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Jai Kisan Andolan Tractor March enters 2nd Day – Thousands to enter Delhi with Yogender Yadav on 10th Aug. 2015. Stand for rights of Farmers. Join us at Jantar Mantar. Call 011 4666 6662 Now.

11813385_10205081646182853_4318520539915229955_nJAI kisan March will see at its culmination on 10th Aug at Jantar Mantar a Movement born from Swaraj Abhiyan that will have people’s love support to fight all odd in this great nation of ours.

INDIA sees making of a man of people with qualities of Kabir, Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar, Lohia, Subhas Chander bose, n a Abdul Kalam Azad in Yogender Yadav a new begining in new form ofalternative politics in independent India.

INDIA NEEDS MOVEMENTS like Swaraj Abhiyan to fight  injustice on rise under the present frame of selfish and anarchist politics. Farmers need justice and they are first in Swaraj Abhiyan focus to address and it is great feeling for us in Swaraj Abhiyan to see over whelming support to our Jai His an March against Land Bill of NEW. Jai hind jai Kisan jai kisan.

Thousands are marching camping and rasing their voice with Yogender Yadav and Anand kumar in MARCH FOR kisan ki Aan Aur Shaan key liyeh.

The leaders of movement Pradhant Bhushsn Anand Kumar and Yogender Yadav need support in big numbers to make Nation Proud and fight all evils and buid a farmers memorial at Delhi race course… join support to make this happen…

Join by merging with Tractors or in groups with the march ….call 011 4666 6662. Adult Mohandas Swaraj Abhiyan.

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