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Prashant Bhushan meets Anna Hazare – In Delhi 27th July -In back drop of Anna’s support to Jai Kisan Andolan.


Anna finds comfort and feels at home with Swaraj Abhiyan and its leaders. He has in right spirit has supported Jai KIsan Andolan and has appreciated the paramount efforts of leader of Swaraj Abhiyan Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan profusely. A good encouragement from elderly figure Anna Hazare the light bearer of Anti Corruption Movement of India Against Corruption. Anna has shown his displeasure over our earlier friends who lost their track and principles. Anna sure a source of encouragement for Swaraj Abhiyan and Jai Kisan Andolan.

Adil Mohammed. The image speaks volumes on one had Anna who shook the politics of India by his determined approach, peaceful and nonviolent approach and staygarha to fight corruption and build consensus among the parties in parliament to give shape to a Lok Pal Bill. Thou it is an un finished work yet, much is achieved.

On the other hand visionary and pillar of our judicial understanding, and courageous truthful to the core with great intigrity and humility Prashant Bhushan senior leader of Swaraj Abhiyan who believes Correction to the Orthodox Development Model presently set in India can be changed by collective groupings of citizens with concision to serve the people and nation.

Two great people face to face means a lot… Swaraj Abhiyan appreciates .. Anna support to Jai Kisan Andolan.

Adil Mohammed

Swaraj Abhiyan

Jai Kisan Jia Hindustan

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