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Citizens Groups Collectively Can Correct Present Orthodox Model of Development – Prashant Bhushan ( Video and Text )




Text below of the video … for those who like to share text and for them who do can not access videos. Swaraj Abhiyan.

Today in this country and perhaps in many parts of the world we are fed propaganda in school we are fed propaganda, thru media our adult population is fed propaganda. And we are fed in to a model of development in to a system which we are told to believe in , as if this the only system which should go on. And we are basically educated our education system educates us to fit in to existing model of development and try and extract as much as we can from that model of development . But this present orthodox system of development is neither sustainable nor viable, it is leading to enormous inequalities, it is leading to climate change and environmental degradation and it is leading to complete destruction of our natural resource. There fore first job of a citizen is to understand what is happening in the society and where our model of development is leading because this whole model depends on up increased exploitation of natural resources. which leads to enormous environmental degradation, which leads to increase inequalities also apart from many other problems. And it is not sustainable for simple reason that this world is running out of natural resources. such as oil mineral resources etc. So first you need to understand what is wrong with the world is going try and understand that and then to see how we can correct this. And their after as every individual is not powerful enough to change the world. And therefore he needs to from a team he needs to form an organization and that organised manner try to change the system and change the policies in public interest. One of the great success of IAC movement in the initial stages was AAP was on account of large movement and large body working towards the jan lokpal bill and people felt by coming together and joining this moment they can effectively force the authorities to bring about the Jan Lok Pal Bill there fore people become effective only when they work in an organization largely when they work in an organization or in a group to force some kind of change and we also feel the need to involve and engage with any activity if they feel they can make a difference. One of the problems of contemporary society is most individuals feel helpless and hope less that they can’s do any thing therefore they become cynical. So in order to get over this cyn-ism and feeling of hopelessness we need to come together as a body along with like-minded individuals. in order to collective energy together in order to force the kind of changes that we feel are necessary to move towards a more equatable, sustainable and just society.

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