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To Save farmers “Nation needs a rational land use policy” Prashant Bhushan – Swaraj Abhiyan – Join Jai Kisan Andolan.

DSCN3436Farmers of this country today face various problems, the farmer does not get enough wage for the labor he puts in. The average income of a farming family is three four thousand per month, not enough to support a family. Beside that we have force-able acquisition of land, lot of land is acquired from farmers, with out give them adequate re-habitation extra. And land which is not required and not even used with any social impact assessment.

With the consent of the farmers etc. Lastly the farmers are pushed in a system of agriculture of chemical and pesticide, and now genetically modified seeds also. Which is not sustainable which is gradually depleting the facility of the soil, which is poisoning our foods and effecting the health of our farmers who are prone to much more diseases cancer ext. And now Swaraj Abhiyan has started this Jai Kisan Andolan prisisely to address all these issue and bring them to the center stage in our national politics.

So that minimum support prize is increased, and farmers receive a decent remuneration for their labor. So that compulsory acquisition is avoided with social impact assessment and with out the consent of the farmers. And so that we can move towards more sustainable form of agriculture like organic farming. One of the good things the UPA govt had done in Land Acquisition Act 2013.

This act provided two good things. One was before acquisition of land any large sample of land a social impact assessment will have to be made to determine whether the purpose for which the land is acquired was in greater public interest than the existing use of that land.

And the second was when the land was acquired for PPP or a private organization etc. then the consent of 70 to 80 percent farmers would be necessary before the assessment of land. Unfortunately Modi Govt has brought a land acquisition amendment bill by which they are proposing to do away with both things that is social impact assessment as well as consent for most of the land acquired.

Most of the and is acquired today is PPP. In the name of PPP where the Public party of that partner ship is only to provide facilities to a private company for their profit. The project comes to be control by the private party and is used for their profit. But these facilities including the acquisition of land is done by the Govt.

Their is not need for the lands to be acquired. This is a very retrorocket amendment. Enormous amount of l surplus and is available with the govt. In the form of either land which was acquired for SEZ and industries that have closed done. enormous amount of land lies with defense dept, enormous amount of waste land which are not being put to any use in the country. Instead of using all these land for a proper public purpose and for purpose the govt needs it. The govt is hell-bent on acquiring fertile agri lands from farmers which they do not like to give.

This is totally against public interest, they need to have rational land use policy in the country and part of the reason for social impact assessment clause was to see if the land acquire is in great public interest than it is already in use. Prashant Bhushan. Swaraj Abhiyan said on 12 th of July 2015 New Delhi.

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