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Join us in our Tractor March from 1st to 10 th Aug “No rest till we get justice for our Farmers” Yogender Yadav – Jai Kian Andolan ( View 5 Videos )


Are you ready to show your concern and help farmer fight his battle for survival. We at Swaraj Abhiyan have taken a oath we will not rest till we ensure the farmer is taken care he gets minimum prize for his produce, compensation for loss of crop in event of natural calamities and no one dares to take the land of the farmer with out his wish and with out getting right worth of his land. The Govt today is ruthless it wants to corner farmer and farming to feed the bellies of corporate lobbies who are using govt as tool to multiply profits at the cost of life of farmer and his family. His family should have access to decent living, his children should get education and dream for a better future as any fellow citizen does. Adil Moahmmed. Jai Kisan Jia Bharat … do share this note and the video of Yogender Yadav ji explaining where the farmer stands today…..

Press Release, July 17

Swaraj Abhiyan will begin the Jai Kisan March from Thikriwal, a village in Punjab’s Barnala district. Thikriwal is a village located on the edge of the sandy Malwa region in south central Punjab. Situated 6 Km from the District Headquarters Barnala the village of 11000 is home to one of the legends of Freedom movement Sewa Singh Thikriwal.

Thikriwal and surrounding areas including Barnala during the colonial times was under Patiala, a princely State of Punjab which was a typical feudal and autocratic bastion of the Maharaja, Biswedars and Jagirdars lording over the poor and toiling masses. The situation was not much different in neighbouring areas under the yoke of Nabha, Malerkotla, Jind princely states.

Sewa Singh Thikriwal(1878-1935), son of a rich local official was inspired by the egalitarian ideas of Singh Sabha initially undertook a number of socio-religious reforms in his area which popularised him amongst the masses.

Later the onset of mass movements in the form of Non coopoeration movement, Akali morcha’s etc inspired him to take up political work.

Starting from the Gurudwara reform movement from the early 20’s he fought a long struggle against Feudal oppression and for restoration of democratic and civil rights of the state’s people.

He rose to the position of President of Punjab Riasti Praja Mandal and agitated for the rights of the state’s people particularly the rights of “mujaaras” (share croppers)  over land and against illegal eviction, begar and abwaabs.

Imprisoned multiple times by Patiala, Nabha and Malerkotla states, his integrity, selfless devotion and spirit of sacrifice inspired thousands of people to fearlessly agitate for their rights in the hithero backward Malwa region.

The great freedom fighter ultimately died in prison after a long hunger strike in Patiala on January 20, 1935.

His inspiration and sacrifice has continued to illuminate the path of a generation of political activists who seek to make India a better, prosperous, egalitarian and just place to live in.

Jai Kisan Andolan will seek the blessings from the sacred soil of the native village of this great Martyr on August 1, 2015, as it commences its long journey for the dignity and rights of Indian farmers.

Jai Kisan!

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