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Eid ul Fitr message to nation from Swaraj Abhiyan Leaders, Prashant Bhushan and Yogeder Yadav.

On  auspicious day ogcQxdqQZf Eid ul Fitr the leaders of Swaraj Abhiyan Prashant Bhushan and Yogender Yadav twitted Eid ul Firt message to the nation.  Yogender Yadav in his twitted said

Eid Mubarak!
Eid-ul-fitr teaches (even to non-believers like me) piety, obedience, charity, patience and solidarity with the last person.

My real gift this Eid was the news from Atali village. Swaraj Abhiyan members brought Hindus and Muslims together for Eid celebration.
Yogendra Yadav’s photo.

This message was twitted on Eid ul Fitr day.

prashant-bhushanEid ul Fitr greeting of Prashant Bhushan to the nation. On his twitter handle on Eid day.

Prashant Bhushan @pbhushan1 11h11 hours ago
EID UL FITR Mubarak! Wishing all peace, happiness and togetherness on this joyous celebration. May all communities join in this celebration.

From my side as a citizen of Inda and a part of Swaraj Abhiyan have a message to give to complement the messages given by Prashant Bhushan and Yogender Yadav.

Ed mubarak to all. Let us pray for unity, peace, justice for all. Let us be the force to keep the pride of nation of great faiths and culture vibrant and celebrate festival of fasting, patience, charity by standing for the deprived, desadvantaged and pressed . By lighting a candle of hope and courage to look up and demand justice and be positive force for them all. Swaraj Abhiyan

With the principles and guiding force of our Inspiring leaders SATURDAY will be the big force to drive justice, emerge as a movement for building a new nation of trust, faith and opportunity for all. Pray for courage for each of us to be real difference I. Nation in testing times we are in as never ever before.

The bearers of light will be YY PB AK A j and thousand with them the whole team SA in service of nation. Amin

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