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Atali Muslims attacked again in presence of Heavy Police Presence. PM has to intervene break his Moan Vrat. SA Aman Committee put to action.

images (4)Just 40 kms from Indain Parliament the communal Hindu fundamentals attack innocent feared Muslims of Atali village in Ballabharh. Last month on 26 th a Mosque was burnt and over 25 houses were burnt too, over 500 people were on dharna at Village Police Station and many were mercilessly injured. Swaray Abhiayn Aman Committee of Faridabad was instrumental in bringing peace back in the village with the help of the locals.

But it was never comfortable with the way the police was handling the issue and keeping the vigil at the chowkis set up by the Haryana police. What was feared by us and our team which is still concern and worried about the happenings as no arrests were made and a case pending to complicate the Mosque legitimacy by falsified intent. Yesterday the feared happened again.

Fearing for their lives, many Muslims fled their homes in Atali in Ballabhgarh on Thursday morning, the day after their village was hit by a second bout of communal violence.

Though some of them returned home in the evening, the fact that the violence had taken place in spite of heavy police presence seemed to have rattled the community.

In the wake of the communal violence that had engulfed the village in May, the police had promised to guarantee the safety of the Muslim community and pledged to arrest those responsible for the riots. But no arrests have been made so far. Many Muslims admitted that leaving the village permanently might be the only way to ensure the safety of their families.

“Initially, we thought that our families would be safe if the police are here. But after what happened earlier, we can no longer believe that. Many families have already left. Today morning, we decided to leave the village,” said Mohammad Ehsaan. “People have left the village, particularly those with young children and old relatives. But we have deployed police personnel at the village and we will take all possible steps to ensure no further violence takes place,” said Faridabad Police Commissioner Subhash Yadav.

“The police and the RAF (Rapid Action Force) were present when the violence took place in the morning. There were two episodes of violence after that and by that time, the police had asked for reinforcements. But that didn’t stop the violence. The police can’t stay at the village permanently and there is no sign of the violence ending,” said Isak Lambardar, a community elder.

At the root of the violence is a dispute over the ownership of the land on which the mosque is built. While the Muslim community claims that the land belongs to the Haryana Waqf Board, the Hindu community in the village says it belongs to the Gram Panchayat. The matter was scheduled to be heard at the Faridabad District Court on Thursday morning. “When the community elders said that they would have to go to attend the hearing in court, many families said that they didn’t want to remain behind,” said Mumtaz Ali, a resident.

“The village has been our home for decades. But we can’t live in fear. Nobody wants to come to our homes and businesses are suffering. There are many who feel that it might be wiser to fight our battle, legally and while residing outside our village,” added Lambardar. –

The situation demands the courts this nation should take so moto notice to the deteriorating conditions in Atali in Balabhgar in Haryana where the police in its heavy presence has failed to protect the innocent citizens who are deliberately with communal intent have attacked the villagers and inflected fear in to them that they people have lost faith in the nations elected BJP governments both in the center and at the state in Harayana.

Swaraj Abhiayan leaders ship has taken a serious note of the incidents and the turn of events in Atali and condemn in strongest possible terms.

And demand intervention of the Center and brings to the notice of the highest courts of the land to take a note and direct the central govt and the state to protect the lifes and properties of the suffering people in Atali and immediately order a probe in to the matter as it is suspected to be a intended heinous act of a political to gain political mileage by creating unrest and insecurity in the minds of the citizens and polarize the people on religious lines.

Swaraj Abhiyan will act to protect and help bring peace and harmony back in Atali and its Aman Committee would untiringly work  to achieve peace in Atali soon with the help of the locals. With Inputs from media and on ground from Atali.

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