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Communalism major challenge before nation “Swaraj Abhiyan to set up Aman Committees in Each District” Prashant Bhushan.



Prashant Bhush speaking to in house media of SA said “Swaraj Abhiyan wants to establish Aman Committees across nation to develop environment of peace and harmony to counter communal ism and defeat the designs of forces that are spread in the nation to create communal disunity and create insecurity to advance their selfish political motives by dividing communities. Swaraj Abhiyan will group right individuals who are respected and are balanced in nature to establish as bridge between communities and ensure no communal violence takes place and peace and harmony prevails. This is a major threat to our nation and it has be attended and Swaraj Abhiyan thru Aman Committees is committed to do establish peace and harmony in the country”


Text in English of the clip above in Hindi of Prasahant Bhushan – Their are many challenges before the nation today, among them their is one major challenge before the nation and that is Communalism. The challenge is from various arms of Sangh Pariwar and more of them who are communals are trying hard to create conflicts between communities mere to advance their political carriers. Fighting this menace is also very big challenge. This is one of the biggest problems before the nation.  For this reason Swaraj Abhiyan is committed to forming Aman Committees at-least in every district be formed.  The committees would be formed bringing together respected and sober individuals  from various communities. Taking along such respected personalities in district and roll out a consistent effort to promote co ordination, interaction, developing harmony and working towards harmony and better understanding and peace.  Prashant Bhushan on 18th of June 2015. Swaray Abhiayan Movement Channel and Swaraj Abhiayan  Channel on youtube.

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