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BJP’s baggage of false poll promises exposed. Angry India wants “True India” to bounce back.

rss-l-re (1)A case was filed on Saturday against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in a court in the Bihar capital for giving a “religious colour” to yoga, thereby hurting people’s sentiments.

“We have filed a case against Modi, Shah and Bhagwat in the chief judicial magistrate’s court in Patna for defaming yoga by giving it religious colour that has hurt the sentiments of people,” said Shruti Singh, the lawyer of petitioner social activist Dev Kumar Singh.

The case was filed on charges of committing deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings, and criminal conspiracy, the lawyer said.

BjP RSS combine has attempted to give India Hindu Saffron color by falsely bringing in Ritual aspect to yoga. Yoga is like, pilatis, and other forms of exercises popular in japan, china and India. Why RSS does drill and “latth” training when yoga is best form of exercises. On one hand they claim they need to deveolp self defence skills on the other hand promote yoga as best exercise. Why not shun drills by rss shakas ….. whom do they fear… is fear requirement of RSS.

To keep common hindus at bay from muslims who are their equal country men who lived like brothers for centuties. Since RSS came in to being under british time things gradually changed .

The equation of Hindus and Muslims started to show abbarations. But neither the Hindu nor the Muslim is interested in designs of RSS. thry are fensing in their old false world in a proud Inclusive Indian nation that had to its credit space for all dignity and respect for all.

Abberations may come but will fade as fast as they are brought forcefully by RSS AND it’s second fiddle in guise of Political party BJP. The problem is the vote for Nda was vote for inclusive and United India where all are treated alike and just.

But neither BJP nor RSS wish to honor sentiments of 1.23 billion Indians. They adamantly want to run a music track that is not language India understands saffronise. They are clueless India is rich in culture, faiths, traditions, languages and divers ed ideologies yet one cohesive nation. We are troubled with failures we have worst challenge of uplifting our poor and left out to levels on par with few blessed. Our politics is burdened with crime of not doing much to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. Our education system is not a priority nor health and farmers to them

BjP coming to power is a flaw driven by false propaganda of Modi campaign. The chance is lost BJP will not have last laugh. It will be birth of traditional India again, shunning bad politics of the failed parties. Of Past and present.

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