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AAP suffering comes from dodging of ethics and core values – Swaraj Abhiyan wants Tomar should resign !

yogendra-kCiC--621x414@LiveMintThe entire debate on Mr Jitendra Tomar’s arrest has got bogged down into claims and counter-claims that distract from the real issue at the heart of the matter. The debate should focus not on the technical-legal or political aspects but on the core ethical question that it raises.
The real issue is not whether Delhi Police is technically empowered to arrest the Minister. No one holding any office should be above law and if there is solid evidence of any wrongdoing by Delhi police they should face arrest like any other citizen. Demanding special privilege for a minister goes against the spirit of aam aadmi movement. In any case this legal issue is best settled by the courts.
The real issues is also not whether the LG and the central government has acted in a politically partisan manner. Right from the installation of the first AAP government in Delhi, the LG’s office has acted as an agent of the Central government and often as that of the ruling party at the centre, first the Congress and now the BJP. This is true of the LG’s role in the entire controversy about full statehood for Delhi. Clearly, the enthusiasm shown by Delhi Police in this matter is unusual and is not consistent with the position taken by the central government on many other similar cases, some involving their own ministers.
In the last instance the real issue is whether someone holding a constitutional office is guilty of claiming a fake degree. Unfortunately, the Aam Aadmi Party appears to be following the footsteps all other parties. Instead of coming clean on the core issue, the AAP has taken to technical defence, blame-game, politics of comparisons and counter-allegations. It is worrisome that a party that came in with a promise of ethical politics now resorts to similar wrong-doing by other parties to cover up its own actions.
The legal technicalities of his detention should also be debated and anyone found violating should be questioned but the pointed and pressing issue of “fake degrees” of a law minister should not dilute in this din. Tilka Majhi university, Bhagalpur has put it on record that the college registration number which Tomar claims to be his, is actually the enrolment number of some other student. In such a case of conflicting evidence, either the minister should come clean and make his “genuine” degree public or vacate his chair until a fair probe is over. This principle should hold, no matter who is the culprit and which party he is she comes from.
It may be recalled that Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav had been demanding a Lokpal probe on this issue within the Aam Aadmi Party. Its unfortunate that has been dodging this core ethical issue for four months now.
Swaraj Abhiyan hopes that the government of Delhi will place all the facts in the public domain, work for the people who have reposed in them such great faith. We also hope that the AAP will not let other parties set the moral standards for their public conduct. We demand that the law minister of Delhi must either come clean or resign from his chair pending enquiry.
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