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At Banaras Swaraj Samvad – Yogender Yadav was critical of Modi Sarkar. He Annoucned ” Jai Kisan Andolan to reach 1 lac villages”

unnamed (8)Banaras city which is cheated by its Member of Parliament Narender Modi witnessed fresh air of hope and comfort for the not just the people of Banaras but the Farmers of Purvnchanl in UP.  The date marked a vibrant Samvad by Swaraj Abhiyan movement in search of alternative politics in the nation. The National convener of Swaraj Abhiyan Prof Anand Kumar and its leader Yogender Yadav met hundreds of volunteers, farmers, activists and common people from across UP to access the issues before the nation.

To a packed gathering Yogender Yadav and Prof Anand Kumar in their lovable oratory style did the dissection of present failures of Govt at the Center led of Narender Modi. I would like to touch upon good number of points in Varanasi. The focus though remained on the plight of farmers in Purvanchal in UP which is considered nations most fertile belt for agriculture in the nation. It was not just Purvanchal the farmers in rest of nation.

Farmer is struggling to meet two ends in life and is suffering due to failure of the government in understanding problems faced by farmers on the contrary the govt. is aggressively  busy in bringing land acquisition bill with agenda to discourage farmers and promote cement jungles in the name of development, by Modi Govt.  In a country which is bread provider not just it self but to countries of the world. Thus killing the prospects of sustained agriculture and farmers welfare.

Yogender Yadav in his talk said, Swaraj Abhiyan believes cult is disgrace for this nation. In the name of politics nation is in grip of cult individuals have become larger than life, and families are capturing the spaces in national politics. He said Swaraj Abhiyan believes in distancing fully from such disgrace.

He questioned the failures of  Member of Parliament of Varanasi and his high promises of transforming Varanasi, he said the Ganga  is same, the farmers are suffering, none to hear their plight, Bunker Samaj suffering with reduced demand, right from the railway station to the streets nothing looks good it is all the same.

Speaking on the so-called Modi model Yadav said the evil of Modi Sarkar is – the very structure and sanity of our constitution authored by Baba Saheb Ambedkar  which ensures development of last Indian, its stand of diversity as its strength,  justice and opportunity to all as its promise. But under Modi, Yadav said  Modi ji sold fake dreams with no intend to honor them. All that Govt is doing is tactfully leading to disrespect our constitution, and dilute and destroy very principles of our constitution.

During the convention, issues related to farmers, especially the demand for withdrawal of the Land Acquisition Ordinance, took the center stage.

Yogender Yadav said Swaraj Abhiyan Jai Kisan Andolan will reach one lac villages in coming couple of months to connect with the issues of farmers, and march  to block anti farmer and anti people land acquisition bill of Modi Govt. Other issues such as corruption, strengthening of the use of RTI and women empowerment were also discussed. He advocated for alternative politics in the country, wherein every individual would have an equal say.

He said that a ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’  Jai Kisan Andolan will commence in the second week of June, during which volunteers will fan across the country and will launch a mass-contact program-me. As part of the Jai Kisan movement, farmers from across the country will march to Parliament during the Monsoon Session in August.

Yogender Yadav was very concern and critical about the style of functioning of present central government. He said the govt says it intends to push the land acquisition bill by-passing the Rajay Sabha. He said It is an irony, Rajaya Sabha is the integral part of our constitution. Even thinking of bypassing RS is like by passing the constitution and the very process of parliamentary democracy. This does not stop here he said the govt is systematically want to destroy the institutions be it CVC, CAG, or CIC.

In a punching statement Yadav said “Modi ji in the name of economic development and growth is destroying nation. Vikas key naam par Vinash Ki Rajniti ho rahi hai”

Concluding remarks he said bring back the focus on Jai Kisan Andolan he said Kisan needs safety of his Zameen,  Mehnat Ka Pura Maweza, Behtar Daam,  Acche Zindagi aur Punjiwaad wali Siyasat sey Chotkara.

Swaraj Abhiayan will lead protest against land acquisition bill to parliament from nations one lac villages to block the anti farmers bill.

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