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IIT Madras Students Utimatum “Withdraw ban Immediately or face Agitation” Pledge not to allow RSS Agenda in TN.

congress-youthThe once a small screen heroine Smiriti Irani now incarnated in a villain-ous under her masters Narender Modi and Amit Shah. Smiriti Irani NDA’s most controversial minister and trouble machine for  PM Modi. Or it is other way round, Amit Modi duo  planted her to do all the dirty work as HRD Minister tamper the syllabus and run an agenda that is dear to RSS mentors of BJP, abuse freedom of speech and be the hunter-vali for Modi Govt to poke anti Modi detractors enjoying the extra powers she holds beyond her job as HRD minster.

A rare reward for Irani. Her qualification today is a staunch RSS mouth piece, she is above every thing she does not need to be a literate and a scholarly person to be able to judge education in this nation. That is the change Modi Govt is proud about.

The fresh row in Madras IIT is one such mess created by Smiriti Irani. This Recent ban on IIT Students group is not first such incident in short span of BJP coming to power at center.

A Principal and six students of a polytechnic in Kerala for featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its campus magazine as a “negative face”, journal of a nearby college is also found to have cast aspersions on Modi prompting the police to swung into action. In the month of June 2014.

Police registered case against the Principal and 11 students of the Sree Krishnan College at Guruvayur after its campus magazine was found to have used “objectionable and unsavoury” language against Modi, garbed in the guise of a cross-word puzzle. And now it is IIT Madras Student group.

A group of 16 student groups came together on Saturday to condemn the ban on the Ambedkar Periyar Student Circle (APSC) at IIT Madras.They demanded that IIT Madras withdraw the ban on the APSC immediately.

“IIT-M must withdraw the ban immediately and not interfere in the activities of student groups as it is a matter of freedom of expression,” said U Thilagavathi, a coordinator of the yet to be named umbrella organization.

The organization consist of groups like Campus Front of India, Tamil Nadu Education Forum and Federation of Tamil Youth and Students.

Condemation in a fall political fall out came in from leaders of DMK and others. Some said “This stand to curb freedom of expression taken by the institution and the Union government is most disheartening. This incident displays a clear unwarranted interference of the Union government in the running of an educational institution.

Most feel  the Young minds should be allowed to engage in societal dialogue constructively and dissent should not be stifled, “Such regressive and repressive actions will lead to unrest and rebellion among youth.”

They also had a heated exchange of words with the police and raised slogans against the management of IIT-M and sought action against it for derecognizing Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle recently.

A DYFI volunteer said the “agenda of RSS” will not be allowed in Tamil Nadu.The agitating members raised slogans against the Modi-led Union government and HRD minister Smriti Irani even as they were whisked away by the policemen.

Security has been beefed up around IIT-M in anticipation of more protests, police said.

On Friday, the Union HRD ministry distanced itself from the decision by IIT-Madras to temporarily derecognize a study group even as the matter snowballed into a political controversy, NSUI protesting outside Smriti Irani’s residence, prompting a sharp retort from the minister. Sources said even the Prime Minister’s Office had sought a report on the matter.

Education secretary Satya N Mohanty told TOI, “The ministry has no role in the decision. We had received an anonymous complaint which was forwarded to IIT-Madras for comments. The ministry did not give any instruction. In fact, we are yet to receive the institute’s comments.” IITs were autonomous institutions and the ministry did not interfere in their functioning, he added.

Mean while Swaraj Abhiyan the movement for alternative politics that upholds freedom of speech and promoter of principles of Swaraj came expressed regret the manner in which the freedom of speech is hampered by an order of IIT Madras on this group of student. Swaraj Abhiyan Convenor Prof Anand Kumar wrote a letter showing his distress and demanding to re view the order and allow the freedom of speech not to be tampered.  A full letter of Professor Anand Kumar is below.

Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) on Saturday staged a protest in front of IIT-M to condemn the ban. Police detained the protesters.The agitating members raised slogans against the Modi-led Union government and HRD minister Smriti Irani even as they were whisked away by the policemen.They also had a heated exchange of words with the police and raised slogans against the management of IIT-M and sought action against it for derecognizing Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle recently.

Author Arundhati Roy sent an email to APSC – the banned student group, expressing her support. “You have my unhesitating support. You have touched a nerve — what you are saying and seeing ie: that casteism and corporate capitalism go hand in hand is the last thing the authorities and the government want to hear. Because they know that you are right. It is the most dangerous thing for them to hear right now,” she wrote.

The Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle, a group of around 20 students, was accused in the complaint of trying to “spread hatred” towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi through provocative pamphlets and posters. The group, which organizes debates and guest lectures, has been barred from using the institute’s auditorium, email and notice board.

There is serious twist to the whole issue that may  become emerge as an incurable ulcer. The dangerous factors of upper and lower caste clashes the Indian society is plagued. Politics will heat up not just in TN but across nation and a RSS which is considered to be an upper caste Brahmanic body verses the backwards and the troubled lower castes.

Modi has not come as a man to bring clean the nation or to bring good days to the billion and a quarter Indians but to promote a high headed agenda of RSS in connivance with the a select un holy corporate coterie under Modi.  Acche din tow Aayengey Nahin.. Bahut Bure din Zaroor Aaayein geye.

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