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Atali with no history of riots, today victim of heinous attack on Muslims by Local BJP leader and out siders.

340182-faridabadThe communal riots in Atali village in Faridabad district of Haryana in which several were seriously injured by lethal attack on innocent inhabitants. over 25 houses gutted hundreds made home less, properties burnt and damaged. The BJP in the center and in the state should take the responsibility as it comes under the scanner, as .the circumstances leading to the incident clearly point out to the dangerous build up of communal polarization in an area which is part of the National Capital Region.
A though inquiry is to be ordered in the incident as  violence and terror unleashed against the very small population of Muslims living in the village Altai.

The fact that the issue of a disputed mosque was used as the excuse for communal mobilization proves to be all the more cynical because the Muslim residents had got clearance for building the place of worship from the court. It is an attack on Muslim minorities  and  on the ‘rule of law’.

A BJP activist who aspires to capture the Sarpanch’s post in the coming local body elections mobilized his supporters from the village and neighboring areas and incited them to target the Muslims. They attacked the under construction mosque and some houses. The attackers also burnt the belongings, vehicles, and houses of people from the minority community and injured a number of people. A number of families have left the village and have shifted to Ballabhgarh police station in apprehension of further violence.

The role of the police and civil administration was partisan allowing the perpetrators enough time to do the mischief. This incident is part of a series of attacks on religious minorities in different parts of the state since the run up to the Lok Sabha elections in Mewat and gathered momentum after the BJP-led government’s assumption of power in Haryana. The state government, BJP leaders and the local MLA are trying to force the victims to accept a so called mutually agreed understanding outside the due process of law.

A transparent enquiry into the matter and stringent action against the culprits. The enquiry should encompass the role of the government agencies and political forces responsible.

These developments once again expose the hollow claims of the BJP and the Narendra Modi Government that the ‘first year of their office has been one free of communal riots’. The mischievous behind the planned attack on the help less village Muslims is similar to the incident that took place in Aug 2013 in Muzafarnagar in UP.  Where BJP MLA and BJP workers ransacked and attacked poor Muslims over a that originated from a eve teasing resulting in to the death of a two youths.

Yogender Yadav leader of Swaraj Abhiyan immediately blasted the ruling Govt in Haryana and at the Center he said.

“incidents of this kind are happening all over and often go unreported or unnoticed. This is the fourth of fifth incident of this kind in Haryana since Modi government came to power, the most serious one being in Tauru last year. Modi government claims that there have been no big communal riots since it took over. What has happened is not that communalism has abated, but that its model has shifted. Crowd-sourcing of majority communalism is the new model. Secular politics has to change its strategy to combat this new model of communal violence.” 

The purpose was to spread fear and economically weaken the Muslim farm workers in fields of Jat land lords. It was In case of Atali too the attackers are Jats and victims were Muslims, both in Muzaffarnagr and Atali their is history of communal harmony and peace and broadly no history of communal violence. The ruling party both the in center and the state BJP has too many questions to answer.

From Atali  it is understood that rioters were outsiders joined BJP workers in Atali and played havoc. Groups of 25 30 rioters attacked Muslims in homes with brick bats and axes and petrol bombs and burned houses over 150, charred vehicles and attacked mercilessly women children and the elderly.

Till the 29 over 500 were made homeles a Atali with a population of about 50000 in them just 550 Muslims and whole of 550 were homeless and over 150 were hospitalized and treated in Govt hospital. The role of Police is suspect. Though FIR of riots is booked no arrests have been made. Though officers know the factual position and who the culprits are. The Mulsims are home less and are camping at the police station protesting and demanding arrests of the rioters.

This seems to be another heinous act of creating insecurity and polarizing people on religious lines and doing politics of fear and hate. For political gains by the ruling classes. The main culprit is a aspiring candidate for the post of Sarpanch in the village, belongs to BJP who led the riots, he is still free and no sign of his arrest yet.

BJP govt in Harayana and Center and its leadership can not be out of the sphere of suspect a probe should be carried with this specifics to securities  the role of this political party that is in power today. The matter is a of grave human rights violation and act.

The matter needs immediate measures in the direction to ensure rehabilitation of the homeless, Rebuilding the homes, Assessing the compensation of property. Booking the hundreds who took part in the riots, do all that is needed to regain the confidence of the victims who are feared to return back to the localities they owned and home that are gutted. A serious act human abuse inflicted on them demands a strong protest and condemnation by all who care.

Swaraj Abhiyan condemned the inhuman act in Haryana, it sent a team to Atali immediately and has declared a Aman Committee will be formed in Faridabad  to ensure peace returns and justice is done to the victims and the culprits are punished.

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