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Swaraj Abhiyan, known in Punjab as “Sawraj Lehar” organised a Swaraj Samwad in Ludhiana – SA press note.

CFwfgYcVAAAkwvdPress Note, May 24

Swaraj Abhiyan, known as Sawraj Lehar in Punjab today organised a Swaraj Samwad in Punjab’s Ludhiana today on the birth anniversary of the great martyr Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha.The impressive gathering was attended by Sawraj Abhiyan leaders Professor Yogendra Yadav and Professor Anand Kumar. In his address to the conference Prof Anand Kumar criticised the anti farmer policies of successive National and state governments. He voiced his concern at the deteriorating state of affairs in Punjab. Prof. Anand pointed to the rapidly expanding idea of Sawraj Abhiyan by stressing that each and every Samwad across the country is being very well received.

Yogendra Yadav in his address called upon the youth to keep the memory of the martyrs alive. Attacking the Badal govt, he called it an epitome of corruption and highhandedness. He said that Sawraj Lehar is only an attempt to revive the glorious past of Punjab. Anand Kumar and Yogendra Yadav emphasised that there was no Swaraj but Mafia-Raj in the state of Punjab. Elaborating on the idea of Sawraj Lehar professor Yadav said that it would lead agitations, do constructive work, generate ideas and try to build individual moral force. He also said that the new organisation would avoid being personality centric, and would be transparent in it dealings apart from respecting volunteer voice and the spirit of federalism. He also gave a concrete programme of agitating on farmers issues in the next 2 months to the members of Sawraj Lehar

Earlier Professor Yadav visited the ancestral village of Kartar Singh Sarabha and payed respect and homage to the great national hero. He was honoured at the village Gurudwara by the Village Panchayat and Sports club.

A pamphlet explaining the basic concept of Sawraj was also distributed in the conference.

Jasbir Singh Bir, former IAS officer known for taking on the corrupt & mighty also joined the Sawraj Lehar. Darshan Ratan Ravan, Prof. Manjit Singh and Tarsem Jodha were present during the Samwad along with thousands of volunteers.

In the end the Sawraj abhiyan conference passed a resolution to fight against the present Badal government for its misrule and mafia-raj.

Swaraj Abhiyan Media
Note: Feel free to speak to Anupam Singh (8800109901) for any clarification or updates.

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