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Swaraj Abhiyan to undertake Jai-Kisan movement to fight for the life and dignity of Farmers

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Press Note, 21 May, 2015

Swaraj Abhiyan to undertake Jai-Kisan movement to fight for the life and dignity of Farmers

The National Steering Committee (NSC) Meeting of Swaraj Abhiyan was held on 19th – 20th May at the Sukhrali Community Centre, Sector 17, Gurgaon. More than 100 invited members from across the country representing myriad regional, social and gender diversity were present for the two day meeting.  The meeting was attended by representatives from all states except the hill states of North East, along with National Convenor Prof. Anand Kumar, Ajit Jha, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

The meeting, held in a transparent, participatory and democratic framework discussed and finalized the following:

  1.       Constitution & Vision document: The NSC passed the provisional constitution with majority after long hours of deliberations & discussions. A vision document for the Abhiyan has also been finalized. The draft was presented before the members and dissent noted and duly addressed. The amended constitution was again presented the next day for discussion, which finally got passed on 20th May with a majority. Some of the key points of our constitution include – to come under RTI, autonomy to state bodies, advisory council, freedom of expression, associate membership for other organizations and the Lokpal.
  1. Organizational structure: A robust organizational structure has been made with clearly defined roles in various functions in field, support, secretariat and policies.
  1.    National Working Committee: The two-day meeting culminated in the election of a 29 member National Working Committee (NSC), which would drive the activities of Abhiyan.The list of elected members is attached in a separate sheet.
  1.     Focus areas: Swaraj Abhiyan resolved to focus on the serious issue of farming, which seems to be in complete shambles under the present regime.  Another issue to be taken up strongly by Abhiyan will be corruption, which has seeped in to every layer of governance and institutions.
  1. Action plan: Swaraj Abhiyan will undertake the Jai-Kisan movement, a wholesome Farmers’ movementto ensure the life and dignity of farmers and every one of us who are linked in one way or another to farming. Jai-Kisan movement will launch a mass contact programme to make the farmers and landless laborers aware of the land acquisition bill and the central government’s decision on MSP. After the monsoon session starts, Swaraj Abhiyan will hold a march to the parliament to fight against the cheating & injustice meted out to farmers by every political party.
  1. Political Resolution: A political resolution stating our stand on the present states of affairs nationally and internationally was accepted by the members. We’ve attached a copy of our political resolution along with.

Swaraj Abhiyan is glad to have its first ever National Steering Committee meet in a very healthy, democratic and productive manner.

We would like to ensure the farmers that Swaraj Abhiyan will fight tooth & nail against governmental atrocities & political cheating meted out to the farming community.


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