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Yogendra Yadav Pitches for Alternative Politics – Swaraj Samvad at Hyderabad – Telangana. Indain Express reports S

Yogendra YadavHYDERABAD:  Expelled AAP leader Yogendra Yadav did not rule out taking a plunge into electoral politics under his new political outfit called Swaraj Abhiyan- which he floated with other ousted AAP leaders Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha recently.

A decision on whether or not to contest polls would be made in another six to eight months. “What we need is multidimensional politics that goes beyond, just, contesting and fighting hard to win elections. How to go about in our pursuit of alternative politics, like forming a political party, we will sit and discuss,” he said here on Tuesday.

The psephologist-turned politician is on a nation-wide tour as part of Swaraj Samvad, a programme aimed at building a case

for alternative politics. He was in the city on Tuesday and will hold discussions on the same in Vijayawada Wednesday.

Although AAP frittered away an opportunity to channelise public opinion building in favour of alternative political space, he said there was still hope and idealism left in the country.

“This zeal for finding alternative space in political landscape is a national asset. And it is not a property of one person or one party,” he said in a veiled reference to AAP and its chief Arvind Kejriwal.

Making a strong pitch for decentralisation of policy-making in the country, Yadav asserted there was a need to redefine politics. He said it was wrong to confine politics to mere ‘contesting and winning’ elections.

“Building movements on social issues have been made the job of activists. While constructive activity has become the work of NGOs, building discourse have been usurped by universities. But it is the essential character of politics to integrate all these elements,” he argued.

He said Swaraj Abhiyan would bring itself under the ambit of the Right to Information(RTI, and would extend the concept of federalism in the government to its operations.

The members of Swaraj Abhiyan would take out an yatra, that crisscrosses the entire country, to give hope to the disillusioned public and to build a case for alternative politics, he added.

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