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Quality is in being positive, negativity is not our cup of tea. Reach-out and Comfort “eyes that are pained and stories they tell”

10957213_10204566703629611_2977134537194107252_nQuality is in being positive, negativity is not our cup of tea.

Friends a request – kindly use contribute for building Swaraj Abhiyan, give inputs and put to discussion ways and means of reaching out to the people, identify issues, put in valuable info on how SA can reach to masses. Make sure our goal fighting all forms of evils in the nation.

Give ideas and inputs, take responsibilities in the mission with vision to give nation the alternative political movement that nation is waiting for in times to come.

We have much to do, mush to take forward. Quality is in positivism, negativity is not our cup of tea. Our leaders are best examples of positivism.

Swaraj is not selective it is for empowering each individual of this nation to be in a position to write destiny of his own and his generations to come while contributing to the good of all.

Remember our journey ahead is full of challenges that will test our endurance and patience. We need nerves of steel, skills of whale and magnanimity of the nature to take us ahead.

We have known nation is at bad edge today when it comes trust.
They trusted they saw their trust mutilated.

Take lesson for rising sun, it does its job in perfection, it never deviates from the purpose, it gives energy, light, it does it all in time it does not complain about the darkness of night as it source to brightness of day.

It rises with a simple though differently in different sky lines yet it compliments each of the lines it rises in. It is true master of equality, justice it treats all as equal it does its job perfect.

Our energy is in the people of this nation, we need to be like the Sun and look at the people look in to the eyes of a large section of the nation that has stories of agonies and pain, they have little worth from simple yet abundant tears to shine. Yet not enough to wipe them with dignity and keep the wagon of life alive.

Swaraj Abhiyan needs to console, comfort and convince and conquer the hearts once again. Are we ready is the question.

Each of us has to make him self and her self ready to win by giving best.

With respect to all and hold the light of hope much brighter than ever before i am confidant we are the once to make it happen.

Jai hind.

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