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Swaraj Abhiyan demands judicial intervention in unfortunate Moga Incident. Prashant Bhushan led protest, Yogender to meet victim’s family.


                                          Press Note, 03-May- Swaraj Abhiyan – New Delhi.

15 Punjab government is like a mafia running a state Its been more than four days that the horrific and shameful bus incident occurred in Moga, Punjab. Swaraj Abhiyan has been demanding for a high level inquiry into the tragic case so that justice doesn’t elude the victims. Under immense public pressure, deputy chief minister of Punjab, Shri Sukhbir Badal has pulled off his deadly Orbit buses from roads but the questions still remain as to why has their been no FIR lodged against him, who also happens to be the majority stakeholders in Orbit aviation. Any such incident in the past has seen the transporter or the owner being booked, be it the December 16 ‘Damini’ or the recent Uber cab case in Delhi. But why is a special treatment being meted out to the owners of Orbit aviation transports? Is it not because the owners happen to be the ones ruling the state, the Badals? The education minister in Badal government, Surjit Singh Rakhra yesterday passed a highly insensitive remark saying that the Moga bus incident was “God’s will”. Statements such as these coming from a minister exemplify the ruling NDA government’s insensitivity and utter disdain for law and justice in the state. How critical is the issue of women’s security in the state can be gauged from the fact that two more incidents in last couple of days have come to the fore. Both these incidents project a complete breakdown of law and order in Punjab. In one such incident, a day after the tragic death of the 13 year old, a woman was abducted and gang raped in Moga. Another incident in Jalandhar saw a policeman being beaten up badly when he tried to save his daughter from molesters. Swaraj Abhiyan expresses deep anguish at the way the state is being run. It is today common knowledge in Punjab how disdainfully the Orbit buses flout rules without any fear of reprisal because of the connection to the ruling family. Swaraj Abhiyan would also like to point out the fact that the Punjab government flouted the Supreme Court order on Police reforms even after the court issuing notices to the state government for its implementation. The manner in which Punjab government has been working is like a mafia running the state. Swaraj Abhiyan is concerned with the sad state of affairs in Punjab and demand judicial intervention in the unfortunate incident of Moga. We demand that no Orbit bus should be allowed to ply on roads unless an FIR is lodged against its owners. Our volunteers today held a meeting addressed by Prashant Bhushan, followed by a protest march along the Ferozepur road in Ludhiana demanding justice for the family. Tomorrow, Prof Yogendra Yadav will be in Moga tomorrow to meet and stand by the bereaved family in these tough and turbulent times.

The girl, Arshdeep Kaur, who is no more with us, wanted to become a police officer so that she could fight for the rights of oppressed. Its heart breaking and unfortunate that none of her fellow passengers had the courage and intent the 13 year old carried. May her soul rest in piece. Swaraj Abhiyan Media

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